Welcome to the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions & our Labor Management Partnership

UNITE HERE! Local 5 has been accepted into the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions and subsequently into The Labor Management Partnership (LMP). LMP is better way of working, based on mutual respect, joint accountability and common goals. In most cases, this has led to measurable improvements in care and service, job security, Coalition union job growth, and region-based industry-leading wages and benefits.

The building blocks of our successful partnership include:

  • Employment and Income Security Agreement, which provides for retraining and job opportunities for displaced workers
  • National Agreement, negotiated in solidarity with 34 Coalition local unions, which goes beyond wages and benefits and creates a true voice for workers and better processes for service, quality, organizational change, and safety
  • Joint trust fund organized under the Labor Management Cooperation Act of 1978 for specific partnership purposes to create and sustain frontline employee skills and program support

Your Nine-Cent Investment

Under the National Agreement, the LMP trust is funded approximately half by management and half through a nine-cent per hour wage diversion of Coalition union-represented employees. That works out to $7 per pay period. The Union Coalition agreed to joint funding of the trust fund so our unions have a full voice in the use of these funds. In Hawaii, it was ratified in our 2015 contract, but could not be implemented until we became participants in the LMP.

As of Jan 19, your paycheck will automatically show an adjustment of 9 cents per hour in your wage rate, reflecting the wage diversion for the trust. These funds support learning, communications, metrics, and regional resources for your teams. Some examples of what the trust provides for union employees like you:

  • dedicated staff to support your voice and your contributions to your front-line unit-based teams (UBTs): Hawaii-based staff will help your teams learn to work together and perform better
  • partnership training, employee health, safety and other programs: Training programs include LMP Orientation, UBT Member, Interest-based Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis (safety), among many more
  • leadership and development opportunities for union members to receive paid time to work on partnership activities
  • protection afforded by the Employment and Income Security Agreement, joint problem-solving, issue resolution processes, and many other partnership benefits
  • support for union member participation in Coalition and Kaiser Permanente conferences and events:
    • Union conferences include the annual Union Delegate Conference and the Frontline Skills Development Institute.
    • Industry conferences include the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.
    • Kaiser Permanente events include the Diversity and Inclusion Conference and the Quality Conference.

PDF flyer of this announcement.

Fight Subcontracting: Button-up at Kyo-ya Waikiki hotels

In the last year, Kyo-ya/Marriott has done the following:

We must deal with these clear violations. The best way to deal with it is with the combined power of our membership. We cannot let subcontracting spread like a cancer. It is difficult to raise a family and find stability living in Hawaii, when we build a standard that allows us to support the ones we love, we must do everything we can to protect that standard. It is time for all Local 5 members to show strength and unity.

“It is very important that Local 5 members band together in unity to fight subcontracting. This is a great way to show we are getting ready for our contract in 2018”, says Evelyn Barnatia, Sheraton Waikiki Housekeeping.

“We must send a strong message to our employers that we will not shrink from defending our working family and our jobs. It may be the concierges today and us next. Everyone is important, everyone has value. The concierges want to join our Union, let’s fight for them”, says Jean Teo-Gibney, Royal Hawaiian Front Desk.

“When we grow our Union we all benefit. We cannot afford non-union standards bringing us down. Our whole hotel should be Union”, says Mike Kirby, Westin Moana Beach Bar.

Union Difference: Medical Benefits

Group Cost for family medical
Kyo-ya (non-union) (PPP) $ 381.40 per month, $190.70 per pay check
Pleasant Holidays (Kyo-ya concierge transfer) (PPP) $767.00 per month, $383.50 per pay check
Local 5 (Union) $0 per month, $0 per pay check

Support the Kyo-Ya Waikiki concierges, tour/activities, and dining desk workers

The best places to work have a culture where workers feel valued and respected. Equality in treatment is important in building this culture. When we as workers feel a sense of community and shared purpose, we become a working family and the company thrives. Why then does Kyo-Ya believe it is okay to subcontract some of our family? What does it mean for us if they go unchallenged?

On October 26, 2017, concierges, tour/activities, and dining desk workers at all four Waikiki properties were told they will no longer be working for the Kyo-ya family. Instead, they will have to work for a subcontractor or take severance and leave. What makes this even more terrible is the fact that this announcement was made after a group of concierges requested a fair process to join the Union on October 3, 2017. They wanted equal treatment and the same opportunity given to pool workers who joined the Union.

“We gave everything to this company. We dedicated ourselves to build relationships with our loyal guests and contributed to the growth of our company. Kyo-ya benefited from our knowledge, experience, and expertise and now they decided not to be loyal to us. We feel betrayed and deeply hurt. This is not the company I knew,” says Terry Linthicum, concierge at Sheraton Waikiki.

Local 5 is calling on all members to make a stand right now. Start by wearing our campaign button which demands that the company end subcontracting. Wear the button every day and sign our petition so we can show unity and defend our Kyo-ya family.


UPDATED: Health & Welfare Sessions

Do you have any of these questions about your Local 5 Health & Welfare benefits?

  • What do I do when my doctor is not participating in the health plan (non participating provider)?
  • What should I do if I am being pushed to pay a bill that I don’t think is right?
  • How do I find out what is covered and what is not?
  • What pharmacies are available for medical i.e. injectables and/or prescription drugs?
  • Why am I being asked to fill out paperwork that I did not have to fill out before?
  • Anything else?

If so, attend any of our upcoming Health & Welfare Info Sessions:

Date Hotel Time Room
Mon. 11/6 Sheraton Princess Kaiulani 11:00am – 4:30pm Ilima Room
Tue. 11/7 Moana Surfrider 11:00am – 4:30pm Parlor Room
Thu. 11/9 Hilton Hawaiian Village 11:00am – 4:30pm Training Room
Mon. 11/13 Hyatt Regency Waikiki 11:00am – 3:30pm Leahi Room
Thu. 11/16 Sheraton Waikiki & Royal Hawaiian 11:00am – 4:30pm Po’okela
Mon. 11/27 Royal Kona Resort 11:00am – 2:30pm Discovery Room
Tue. 11/28 Marriott Waikoloa 7:30am – 1:00pm Cafe
Wed. 11/29 Marriott Waikiki 12:00pm – 4:30pm Associates Lounge
Mon. 12/11 Sheraton Kauai 10:00am – 4:00pm Training Room
Wed. 12/13 The Kahala 11:00am – 5:00pm Kainoa 2
Mon. 12/18 UNITE HERE Local 5 12:00pm – 5:00pm Conference Room
Tue. 12/19 Turtle Bay Resort 11:00am – 4:30pm Training Room
Wed. 12/20 Ala Moana Hotel 12:00pm – 5:00pm Training Room
Thu. 12/21 Sheraton Maui 11:00am – 5:00pm Training Room

Bring your bills and relevant paperwork to make sure you are not being overbilled and to get help to straighten out any problems you may be experiencing.

Representatives from PSWA (Claims Administrator) and BRMS (Trust Administrator) will be on hand to assist you. See you there!

Nearly 900 participate in Union Day of Action in Honolulu

Nearly 900 Local 5 members, other unions, and community supporters came to our Union Day of Action at The Ilikai, where workers walked off the job. Management reached out to us in the middle of the action to talk about a pathway to settlement. This is a huge victory and a lesson we need to take with us into 2018: when workers are strong and united, it sends the message loud and clear to our employers.

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