HMSHost Food Distribution

Thank you for signing up for the LDS Church Food Distribution. The LDS Church donated this food specifically to workers laid off by HMSHost – there will be other opportunities for the rest of our membership.

Only the first 225 members to sign up will be eligible.  You will be notified on Thurs evening by a text to your cell phone of your pick-up time for Sat. Please come at your scheduled time. This will alleviate any long lines. If you do not get a pick-up time, we will not have a bag for you but stay tuned for more offers in the coming weeks.

You must enter Local 5 via South King St (1516 South King St). From S King St, make a left turn into the lane between Local 5 and Extra Space Storage. Follow the traffic directors. Someone will greet you.

You must present an id (employee id, driver’s license, or state id). This must be the ID of the Local 5 member who signed up. Someone may pick up for you, but they must have your ID. Every bag being distributed is accounted for.


PLEASE HAVE YOUR MASK ON UNTIL YOU LEAVE THE PROPERTY. The greeter will place a colored placard on your windshield. Leave that placard on your windshield. Someone will collect the placard and place the food in your car.

Helpful hints:

  • Wear a mask
  • Do not get out of your car
  • Be sure your trunk or car seat area is clear for workers to place the food in your vehicle
  • Follow directions getting in and out of the Local 5 parking lot
  • If you decide to not come for your food, please call or text Jessica @ 291-8662 any day or time before your pick up time so that we may arrange for another HMSHost Local 5 member to receive the food

Reminders for applicants to CNHA Hoala program

Reminders for applicants to CNHA Hoala program for medical assistance:

  1. You may start to Create Your Account and upload documents on the CNHA website but DO NOT hit the “APPLY” button until you have ALL documents uploaded including #2 below. If you do not have ALL documents click on “Save Draft” and you may come back later.
  2. One of the documents you will need is the “bill”. This is the election form that you will receive from the Trust Fund. Most of you have not yet received this. Please be patient as you should be getting it in the mail by Friday, Nov 13.
  3. Remember once you receive the “bill/election form” from the Trust Fund, it must be submitted as part of your application to CNHA AND most importantly, you must send it to the Hawaii AFL H&W Trust Fund so they know what coverage plan you are selecting.
  4. If you need prescriptions or other services before payment for your COBRA/Self-pay is submitted, you will have to pay up-front, save your receipts and be reimbursed. It will be retroactive to Nov 1.
  5. DO NOT send proof of payment to or speak to CNHA about reimbursement from the Trust Fund. This will cause you to be disqualified.

Diamond Resorts: Provide medical coverage & wages for all workers

Now more than ever, being in the Union matters! Together we’ll get through this crisis, and we want you to know that Local 5 is behind you.  The Union is still awaiting a response on our request made to Diamond Resorts to meet and bargain over the impacts of COVID-19. Among our priorities, to ensure continuing our medical coverage!  If you’re already enrolled in the Local 5 Union medical plan – the Union will make sure you’re ok.

If you have questions, call your organizer. If you’re enrolled in the Company’s plan – we’re still waiting for Diamond Resorts to make a commitment that they’ll continue your medical coverage.

Send a message directly to Steve Bell asking him to meet with the Union to bargain the impacts and to continue to our medical and wages throughout this crisis by filling out the form below:

[contact-form-7 id=”4094″ title=”KBC workers to Steve Bell”]

We are Local 5: Hawaii’s Best Union

We are Local 5: Hawaii’s Best Union

  • 11,000 members in Hawai‘i. 270,000 members in U.S. & Canada.
  • Voted Hawaii’s Best Union in 2016 & 2017.
  • We fight together. We win together.

We are ready to win. Are you? Contact us: 808-941-2141.