This is being sent only to Local 5 members in the City and County of Honolulu who are covered under the AFL-CIO Health and Welfare Trust Fund

The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement has a great opportunity to get your medical covered for up to 6 more months, or until funding runs out, if you qualify. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the website and create an account.
  2. WARNING: Do NOT hit the APPLY button at the end of the application until you have uploaded all of your documents (see below, under #3) and you filled out the form below to contact us.
  3. Get your documents ready:
    1. Photocopy of your state id or Hawaii driver’s license.
    2. Photocopy of 1 month of income pre-March 4, 2020 (for most this will be 2 paystubs dated before March 4.
      • You will also need to get 1 month of paystubs of anyone else in your household who generated income before March 4
    3. Photocopy of your most current paystubs or unemployment benefits. Again this should cover a span of 1 month.
      • You will also need to get the paystubs or unemployment benefits of anyone else in your household who is currently generating income
    4. Do NOT CLICK ON APPLY until you have filled out the Local 5 form below. Once this is done, we will check your dues record to see if you were indeed furloughed. If so, we will email a document indicating that you were furloughed or lost a substantial amount of work hours. This should be included in your document packet.
  1. Once you lose medical coverage, the Trust Fund (BRMS) will mail you a COBRA/Self-pay election form. Please check off what you prefer and make a copy of it. Send the original to the Trust Fund so they know what you are electing. Keep the copy to put into your document packet for CNHA

You are welcome to apply for other assistance with CNHA, but Local 5 is here to assist you with the continuation of your medical thru CNHA. Please remember that the maximum is $2,000 per month, so deduct what you need for medical before applying for other types of relief. If medical is not included in your application, then please see your Employer for documentation of your loss of income.

CNHA inquiry form

  • Please do not give someone else’s email address and do not give an email address supplied by your employer. We will be sending you documents, so please make sure you enter your correct email address.
  • **NOTICE: By giving your information, you understand that you are opting into receiving text messages from UNITE HERE Local 5. Standard data & msg rates apply.