4 Bargaining Sessions, 4 Hotel Companies, 100s of Workers
1 Employer Response: NO

After four straight days of bargaining with our major employers, it is obvious that our employers do not respect our work or our guests. At bargaining, workers shared our passion for hospitality and how we are dismayed by the direction of service and how staffing decisions are impacting us and the guest experience. The Union offered several proposals to address the problem, the Employers said, NO to nearly all of them.

Summary of some of the major issues:

Issue Union Proposal Employer Response
Wages & Benefits Over 4 years:

$12 wage increase for ALL workers
+$0.50 for medical

+$0.25 for pension

+$0.08 for HARRIETT

Over 4 years:

$5.25 TOTAL for ALL wages & benefits

  • Tipped/Unif Svs earn less
  • State minimum wage increase taken out of the $5.25
  • NO retro
Service Charges/Premium Increases to keep up with inflation NOT ACCEPTED
Staffing & Workload Penalties for understaffing & premium pay for employees who work shorthanded NOT ACCEPTED
Separation Allowance Increase severance for lay offs NOT ACCEPTED
Housekeeping Workload Credit drops on heavy checkout days NOT ACCEPTED