For our Strike FAQ’s, click here.

Picket Shift Selection:

Strikers should picket at the location where they most often work. If that location does not have a picket line, choose any location. Strikers who are seeking a strike benefit must fully participate in strike activities- picketing and/or actions in the community that are approved by the Union.

Full participation is defined as 5 shifts of 5 hours, for a total of 25 hours per week. The 5 shifts must be on 5 separate days. Participation on picket lines and activities will be available Monday through Saturday, with limited lines on Saturday. Picket lines/activities will not be available on Thanksgiving or Sundays.

If you normally have an afternoon or evening start time when working at Kaiser, choose the last picket shift at your location. Most locations will pull their lines down at 4pm, with Moanalua Medical Center and West Oahu Clinic lines staying open until 8pm.


  1. Fill out your first and last name, contact info.
  2. Choose a Kaiser Facility
  3. A series of schedules will appear in checkboxes. These are picket shifts for that specific facility/location you have chosen. Please pick FIVE (5) shifts, with each shift on different days.
  4. Click submit


We are confident that by showing unity with Unions that represent over 40,000 Kaiser workers from Hawaii to Georgia that have also voted to strike, there will be a positive outcome that will benefit workers and the patients we serve. In Hawaii, we will be joined on our picket lines by our Pharmacists and Physical Therapists.

Remember: Look in your mail for a letter with your picket line sign-in/sign-out barcode. Take a picture of the barcode so you don’t lose it. You will need it to get participation credit for strike benefits. If you do not get your barcode by November 15th, contact Peter Sturges at [email protected]