1. Q: How long will the strike last?

A:  This will be an open-ended strike. The power of 40,000 Kaiser workers across the country not telling Kaiser how long the strike will be gives us more power to get a deal done.


  1. Q: Will there be a picket line at every location?

A:  No.  Lines will be only at Moanalua Medical Center, Waipio Clinic, West Oahu Clinic, and Honolulu Clinic on Oahu. We will have lines at Wailuku Clinic and Lahaina Clinic on Maui, with Mauilani lines only open on Saturday. Our lines on the Big Island will be at Kona Clinic and Hilo Clinic and we will let you know soon where our line will be on Kauai. Lines will be up Monday-Saturday only, with fewer lines open on Saturday. We will also have no lines open on Thanksgiving so you can enjoy the day off.


  1. Q: How will I get strike benefits and how much is it?

A:  Strikers are expected to fully participate in striker responsibilities. We will maintain and review sign-in/sign-out sheets to monitor striker participation. We will hand out checks each week on the picket lines. A strike for 3-4 days with full participation each day equals a benefit of $200. A strike of 5-7 days with full participation for 5 days, equals a benefit of $300. If the strike crosses over to another week the benefit increases to $400/week with full participation.


  1. Q: How many hours am I expected to picket?

A:  You should picket or participate in strike activities a full shift (5 hours) at least five out of the six days each week that lines are up, for a minimum of 25 hours per week. We will have many activities and actions away from the picket line that will also fulfill your striker responsibilities.


  1. Q: Will there be other assistance available to strikers?

A:  Yes.  The Local 5 office will have a support desk that can put you in contact with people and agencies that can help with food, creditors, landlords, utility companies, and financial assistance.


  1. Q: Will we be fired for going on strike?

A:  No.  A federal labor law called the National Labor Relations Act guarantees workers’ rights to strike without retaliation.  Be sure to clock out if you are on duty to make it clear you’re striking.  Also make sure to turn off any machines and put away any materials/medications prior to leaving if there are any safety concerns.


  1. Q: Will we have health insurance?

A:  Yes.  If you currently have medical coverage, you will likely have medical coverage to the end of December and perhaps longer. To be sure contact the Trust Fund office at (808) 523-0199.


  1. Q: If I couldn’t vote for the strike, can I still participate in the strike?

A:  Yes.  All Local 5 members who work at Kaiser can lawfully participate in the strike.


  1. Q: Do I have to tell Kaiser my plans to participate in the strike?

A:  No.  Kaiser managers or supervisors may ask you if you will participate         in the strike. You do not have to give them a definitive answer.  If you don’t feel comfortable answering, you can simply tell them to direct their questions to the Union.


  1. Q: Can I still participate in the strike if I am a new hire still on probation?

A:  Yes.  All employees have a federally protected right to strike even if      they’re still under their probationary period.


  1. Q: If the strike falls during my approved vacation, can Kaiser cancel my vacation?

A:  No.  If your vacation is pre-approved, Kaiser cannot cancel it because of the strike.


  1. Q: Can I park on Kaiser’s property?

A:  No. You cannot go onto Kaiser’s property, unless you are a patient.


  1. Q: Can I strike for 5 hours then work for 3 hours?

A:   No, that would defeat the purpose of a strike. You should not be crossing the line at any time except as a patient


  1. Q: I am a call-in and Kaiser calls me to work. Must I go?

A: No. You do not have to report to work.