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Hilton Hawaiian Village houseman wins more jobs and better workload

VICTORY: Fortunato from Hilton Hawaiian Village pushed back and demanded management to address workload and job combination in the housekeeping department. Hilton agreed and brought back another worker. Great job Fortunato! #UnionAdvantage

Turtle Bay Resort workers ready for reopening

Local 5 safety team at Turtle Bay Resort did a surprise inspection on property. They spoke to workers and did a walk through. The safety team will be meeting with company to discuss recommendations as they gear up for reopening on July 1. We’re getting ready to get back to work! #UnionAdvantage

Sheraton Waikiki stewards win grievance

Sheraton Waikiki stewards Fred, Romeo, and Joel filed grievances with the Union’s help regarding lost work opportunity. They successfully won backpay, credits to their health and welfare, and credits to vacation and sick leave eligibility. #UnionAdvantage  

Sheraton Maui committee restore schedule preferences based on seniority

The management at Sheraton Maui was scheduling workers without checking seniority. Orlino and Isagani, along with the rest of Sheraton Maui committee, pushed back and restored schedule preferences based on seniority! #UnionAdvantage

Who are your Local 5 Organizers? Meet Lydia Agustin

Local 5 organizers are responsible for training workers to be leaders in their workplaces and out in the community. Thanks to the hard work of our organizers, Local 5 members are learning how to organize their coworkers so that together they can fight for fairness and respect at work and win amazing union contracts that […]