Our Strike Authorization vote passed with a 95% approval rate!  This is a historical moment.  We all know that Marriott is experiencing record breaking profits while we are struggling to make ends meet.  We are fighting for a contract in which One Job should be Enough!  Still, many members of Local 5 are concerned about how they will survive a strike.  No one wants to strike, but together we can help members deal with the pressure.  The following is information you need in case we go on strike. 

Talk with your family now   It’s time you had a discussion with your family about how you will handle expenses if you go on strike. Together you can work out a bare-bones budget and ways to pay for essentials. If you live alone, look to family and friends for emotional and/or financial support. See if you can raise money by selling something or eliminate expenses that don’t seem essential.

Prioritize expenses  Your priorities probably look something like this: food, shelter, utilities, secured loans (like a car note), other obligations. Priorities vary for each family. You may rank child care, gas money, child support, or other commitments on top. Consider suspending discretionary expenses such as cable service.  If you have both cell and land line phones, can you live without one?

Communicate with creditors   If a strike is called, write letters to your creditors explaining the situation to them. Don’t wait until a bill is past due to get in touch!  A sample letter is attached for your use. Depending on your situation, you may promise small payments until the strike is settled. Keep copies of all written communications and notes on phone conversations. Get a return receipt for letters you send.

Get information from the Community Services Committee   A committee of union sisters and brothers is working to provide strike support information and resources. Get in touch if you or another union member is facing a crisis. If you find a good resource, share it with us. Contact the Community Services Committee at Strike Headquarters or at 941-2141.

Strike benefits   Strikers who participate in at least 30 hours per week of strike activities will receive a $300/week strike benefit. 

Remember: We all go out together!  We all come back in together!   We are skilled workers and the hotel needs us. Encourage your fellow workers to walk out in the event of a strike and stay out as long as it takes.