1. Clear all personal effects out of the job site.  Once the line is up, no striker may cross it.
  1. No parking will be permitted on the employer’s property.
  1. Dress for the weather.  Bring rain gear.  Wear comfortable shoes or slippers.   Bring whatever hats/sunscreen you may need to protect yourself.
  1. Make your presence known! You have the constitutional right to speak, picket and parade, so don’t be shy. Every picket on the line may carry only an approved sign and use only Union-approved chants.
  1. Your voice is a powerful instrument! Keep it clean and un-threatening. Don’t call people names. Tell the truth–if you’re not sure, don’t say it. No violence. No weapons. 
  1. Signs are to be seen. Lift them high. If wearing a body sign, stand erect and proud. 
  1. Let the public see and hear our message. Touching is unnecessary and unwise. Keep your hands and your signs to yourself. 
  1. Keep moving, especially when you are near a door or driveway. Don’t block. Stand aside to let people pass on the sidewalk, or go in or out of doors or driveways. 
  1. We exercise our constitutional rights with pride and strength. We also obey the law. Stay on the sidewalk. Cross streets on crosswalks, with the light. DO NOT LITTER – Use the trashcans!
  1. Our spirits are high, but this is serious business and we are sober. No alcohol. No drugs. Anyone believed to be under the influence will be dismissed.
  1. Picket captains and marshals are trained to help you be effective and keep you safe. Take their instruction. If you have a problem, the picket captain/general will help. If you are approached by the Employer, bystanders, security, police or the news media, get your picket captain/general so you are protected. Immediately report to the picket captain/general any threats to you or your fellow strikers. Do not argue with or defy police officers. Let your picket captain/general deal with them.
  1. Confronting Scabs.  As picketing strikers we have only the moral strength of our picket signs and the power of peaceful persuasion to prevent scabs from crossing our line.  Look them in the eyes and stir a sense of shame and guilt. 
  1. Make sure you SIGN IN AND OUT at the sign-in table.  Staying on the picket line for at least the full shift that you signed up for is the best way to make this strike effective. Sign in and sign out with your barcoded ID, or a photo of your barcoded ID on a smartphone.
  1. This is your line. This is your strike. This is your future. It is highly encouraged that you volunteer as a marshal, chanter, action team member or other roles as needed – ask the Captain.