1. Q:  Why will we go on strike?

A:  Our Strike Authorization vote passed with a 95% approval rate! This is a historic moment. We all know that Marriott is experiencing record breaking profits while we are struggling to make ends meet. We are fighting for a contract in which One Job should be Enough!

  1. Q: How long will the strike last?

A: As long as it takes to win!

  1. Q: Will we be fired for going on strike?

A: No. A federal labor law called the National Labor Relations Act guarantees workers’ rights to strike without retaliation. Be sure to clock out and secure your area if you are on duty to make it clear you’re striking.  

  1. Q:  What if I am in the hotel when the strike starts?

A:  You have a federal right to walkout at the onset of the strike. Clock out and secure your area. Contrary to what management may say, it is not job abandonment and the Employer cannot retaliate against you for participating in a strike. 

  1. Q: How many hours am I expected to do strike participation?

A: Strikers who participate in at least 30 hours/week in strike activities will receive $300/week strike benefits. Picket shifts are 6-hours. You will get lunch and other breaks. Shifts are 8am – 2pm, 2pm – 8pm, 8pm – 2am OR 2am – 8am.  

  1. Q: Will we have health insurance?

A: Yes. If you have medical coverage at the onset of the strike, you will have medical coverage during the strike. The union has negotiated that the Health & Welfare fund continues to provide health benefits even during a prolonged strike. It is unlawful for Marriott to change your medical coverage during the strike.

  1. Q:  Can I still participate in the strike if I am a new hire still on  probation?

A:  Yes. All employees have a federally protected right to strike even if they’re still under their probationary period.

  1. Q:  Do I have to tell management my plans to participate in the strike?

A:  No. Marriott managers or supervisors may ask you if you will participate in the strike. You do not have to give them an answer. If you don’t feel comfortable answering, you can simply tell them to direct their questions to the Union. If you choose to respond, you must tell them the truth.

  1. Q:  If the strike falls during my approved vacation, can Marriott cancel my vacation?

A:  No. If your vacation is pre-approved, Marriott cannot cancel it because of the strike.

  1. Q: If I have scheduled vacation during the strike, will I get vacation pay? 

A: Yes, you should receive vacation pay if you already had your vacation scheduled. 

  1. Q:  What if I have another job and have to go to work?

A:   Go to work at your other job and try and make up your strike participation when you can.

  1. Q:  What other support will we get?

A:  We are working on community support and many other ways to support you.

  1. Q:  What is the safest strike?

A:   One that we all do together. An injury to one is an injury to all.