The government didn’t bail out workers. Why should our government help developers and corporations? Tens of thousands of workers continue to be furloughed ever since COVID stopped Hawai’i and the world in its tracks in March 2020. Work may have stopped, but our bills haven’t. Unemployment checks are barely enough to keep us afloat. The City’s rental assistance program helped some, but still isn’t enough to help workers long-term.

Our worry for the future is eclipsed by our anger toward developers like KCR, which wants to develop a massive 400 ft. luxury condo-hotel in Ala Moana. KCR plans to build affordable housing units, but wants permission to build some of the affordable units up to five miles away from the tower. Land is scarce and precious in Hawai’i. These are two parcels of land that could both be filled with affordable housing for working people, including furloughed workers who need it most. Instead, consider what KCR is asking for: they want to build a taller building with less affordable housing than the community needs, less parking, less community benefits.

Submit testimony NOW to oppose Resolution 20-174, which would give KCR the permits to build a massive luxury condo-hotel. Honolulu City Council’s Zoning & Planning Committee will be hearing the resolution on Thursday, May 20 at 9:00am. Tell them that you want more affordable housing and less privileges for developers.