Remebering Rev. Bob Nakata, community organizer & Local 5 ally

We share the sad news today of the passing of Rev. Bob Nakata. He was one of the founding clergy of Faith Action and has been a passionate ally of Local 5 for nearly two decades. His work with us includes getting arrested in our 2010 civil disobedience action with Hyatt Regency Waikiki workers; keeping […]

Local 5 members on Maui get help from the Union applying for rental assistance

Local 5 member Caitlin Sabado took a leave of absence to work with our Union and help other members apply for the Maui County Emergency Rental Assistance Program (MERA). So far, she has helped to process 65 applications! #UnionAdvantage Check out all of the Hawaii counties’ rental assistance programs on our Resources page.

Hyatt Regency Waikiki housekeeper informs coworkers about their rights at work

James Bartolome, a housekeeper and key leader at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki, spoke at the Re-Hire Orientation for recalled workers so that they know their rights and know how to fight for them. Good Job, James!

Local 5 helps members apply for the Honolulu Rental & Utility Relief Program

A Union organizer was speaking with a Local 5 member who was having difficulty filling out the rent relief application. The organizer connected this member with Haley Oki, a Local 5 member who has taken a leave of absence to work with us on the Honolulu Rental & Utility Relief Program (RURP). Haley helped this […]

Hilton Hawaiian Village landscapers fight subcontracting, win jobs back

There are only 17 workers taking care of landscaping at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, a 22-acre property. Workers let the Union know that work is being subcontracted. They filed a grievance, and the pressure was enough to get management to bring the remaining 9 workers back and stop the subcontracting. Watch the video of organizer […]

Hilton Hawaiian Village graveyard shift workers win meals, assistant pantry shift

Graveyard shift workers at the Hilton Hawaiian Village raised concerns that they did not have food to eat at the cafeteria while they worked. Workers did delegations, emails to and follow ups with the manager and chef until they finally added an 8am-4pm Assistant Pantry shift for seven days to make salads, fruits, sandwiches, and […]

Local 5 is front and center in the campaign to restore daily room cleaning

Cutting daily room cleaning is the biggest thing happening in the hotel industry. This plan to end daily housekeeping would permanently slash the U.S. housekeeping workforce by up to 39%. And Local 5’s campaign to restore daily room cleaning was all over international & local news this week!   Sheraton Waikiki housekeeper Julie Gabot spoke […]

Ala Moana Hotel workers win contact tracing agreement

“Ala Moana Hotel workers scored another victory! Under our contact tracing agreement, the Hotel will immediately conduct contact tracing of positive COVID-19 cases and will notify all workers of the department, shift(s) and relevant dates. Also, they’ll provide a more detailed report to our Union. I have peace of mind because I’ll be informed if […]

Kyo-ya job fair is a slap in the face of each of our 910 furloughed Local 5 members

“We’re Hiring!” Kyo-ya proudly announced on their flyer for a two-day job fair. But why are they hiring when there are 910 furloughed Local 5 members who have not been called back to work? Workers delegated management last week, demanding that furloughed workers need to be called back. “Although the Japanese market is not back, […]

June Victories Bulletin

Local 5 safety team at Turtle Bay Resort did a surprise inspection on property. They spoke to workers and did a walk through. The safety team will be meeting with company to discuss recommendations as they gear up for reopening on July 1. We’re getting ready to get back to work!         […]