Kupuna tell Kaiser: Getting old shouldn’t hurt!

Local 5 retirees are performing the hula at Kaiser Permanente Hawai’i with a message to Kaiser: Getting old shouldn’t hurt! So far, they’ve performed at Kaiser Permanente Moanalua and Kaiser Permanente Honolulu. Getting old doesn’t hurt for our retirees. They have their pension. Our members who work for Kaiser will lose at least $1200/month when […]

Local 5 members featured on new show, HAWAI’I CAN

The AiKea Movement launched a new TV series on ‘Ōlelo Community Media called HAWAI’I CAN, which will feature discussions on issues that affect Hawaii’s people and what we can do as a community to solve them. The first two episodes feature Local 5 members. Episode 1, “Waikiki: Present & Future,” is hosted by Ilikai Hotel […]

What does $1200/month mean to you?

Our members who work for Kaiser Permanente Hawaii will receive at least $1200/month from their pension if they retire at age 65. $1200 is more than just a number, so we asked them to show us what $1200/month means to them if Kaiser took their pension away. View all of the photos on our Facebook […]

Judge rules The Modern Honolulu violated workers’ labor law rights

On January 23, 2014, a Federal Judge ruled that The Modern Honolulu violated workers’ labor law rights!  After a 4-day trial in October 2012, Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) William L. Schmidt has issued his decision regarding five National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) unfair labor practice charges filed by UNITE HERE Local 5 (“Local 5”) against The […]

Kaiser members, be the next winner of our 5&5 drawing!

Kaiser workers are doing a 5&5 program telling Kaiser to keep up the standard of health care by taking care of the workers so they can take care of the patients. Be the next winner of our 5&5 drawing and a $100 Costco gift card! A committee leader qualifies for the drawing if s/he turns […]

PWC workers at Hyatt get a better life

4 months after their contract was signed, 12 People Who Clean (PWC) workers are now officially union Hyatt employees. They will now have pension, healthcare, real wages, and rights on the job.  Others continue to work for PWC but now earn up to $19 an hour (up from as low as $7.25).  For three years, […]

Nearly 500 Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Workers Stop Work in Protest

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii workers organized a one-day work stoppage on November 21, 2013 to protest a variety of initiatives that the state’s largest health care maintenance organization (HMO) is implementing that prevent workers from providing quality care to its patients. Nearly 500 workers from clinics all over Oahu stopped work to support good patient care. […]

Kaiser should take care of us, so we can take care of you!

Dear Kaiser Permanente Patients, We are your hospital aides. We are your nurses. We are your lab technicians. We assist you at the front desk. We administer your lab tests. We give you the medicines and care you need to feel your best. We are very proud of the work we do. We want to […]

Waikiki Beach Marriott & Ramada Plaza workers ratify their contracts

Last week was full of victories for Local 5 workers. On October 16, Waikiki Beach Marriott workers voted to approve a 5-year contract with a 129-115 vote. Their new contract guarantees increased wages for tipped and nontipped workers, improved successorship and subcontracting language, the ability to decide how much of their money will go toward […]

Kaiser Update: Pension & Wage Proposals

Kaiser proposes to keep current employees’ pension plan as is. Beginning January 2015, new employees will have a 403(b) plan instead. Eliminating pensions hurts working families & our community. You get to keep your pensions now. But what will happen during contract negotiations 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years from now? Do you think […]