What is my union contract?

Your contract (also known as a collective bargaining agreement, or CBA) is a legally binding document that details the majority of your rights and responsibilities during your employment.

What do I do if I feel my rights have been violated?

  1. Check the facts in your contract! Many of the answers you seek are detailed in this document. For instance: holiday pay, vacation time, healthcare, retirement plan, discipline, grievance procedure (a system for fighting disciplinary action), scheduling, seniority, etc.
    1. For a copy of your contract, contact your union organizer at 808-941-2141 or email us.
  2. Talk to your shop steward about whether or not this is an issue that can be resolved in the boss’ office.
    1. If you do not know who your shop steward is, call our office at 808-941-2141.
  3. If the issue isn’t resolved, talk to your shop steward about filing a grievance. Read the grievance procedure section in your contract. Make sure to check how many days you have to file it!
    1. You can download, print, and fill out our Worker Grievance Form (PDF). Submit it to your shop steward or the Local 5 office. Filling out an intake form does not necessarily mean a grievance will be filed. You must follow up with our Contract Enforcement Team.

Contact our Contract Enforcement Team at (808) 941-2141 if you have any questions regarding these grievance forms, the grievance process, etc.