UNITE HERE Local 5 represents 12,000 workers in Hawaiʻi who work in the hotel, healthcare, & food services industries.

We welcome inquiries from the media regarding our industries, members, policy and politics, and other issues of concerns to Hawaii workers. Please contact:

Bryant de Venecia, Communications Organizer




Closer look expected for Hawaii hotel resort fees

Jason Maxwell, a bartender at the Waikiki Beach Marriott, said customers found resort fees more tolerable in the past, when they included amenities like two free drinks and 10% off a meal instead of today’s commonly obsolete benefits like use of the in-room landline or DVD rentals.

Hawaii’s lodging industry workers missing out, expert says

Local 5 spokesman Bryan de Venecia said the union secured two extensions to its 2018 contracts at all the big hotel brands in 2022, which included “raises and contributions to our health and welfare fund to replenish funds that were depleted during the pandemic.”

Amid shortage, one program lets health care workers advance education

Report showsReport shows over 200 LPN vacancies across the state over 200 LPN vacancies across the state