Column: Inspired by hotel workers, it’s time to fight for a living wage

(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) – By Gary Hooser. Are the rest of us as committed as hotel housekeepers to raising up Hawaii? Can we as a community accomplish in 60 days what the hotel housekeepers and restaurant workers achieved in 51 days?

Deal in San Francisco Ends Nationwide Marriott Strikes

(The New York Times) – By Karen Schwartz. A new contract with Marriott International that will give housekeepers in San Francisco an eventual $4-an-hour increase and better protections against sexual harassment was approved Monday, ending a nine-week strike by 2,500 workers at seven hotels in that city.

Letter: Use Kyo-ya deal as basis for others

(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) – By Dave Moskowitz. After a long and costly hotel union workers’ strike for higher wages, it would seem that the remaining hotels who have not negotiated a new contract with Unite Here Local 5 would sign as soon as possible (“Strike’s end means 5 hotels down, about 15 more to go,” Star-Advertiser, Nov. 29).

Hawaii union workers negotiate deal with Marriott hotel management, ending months-long strike

(Balitang America) – HONOLULU, HI — Union organization Unite Here Local 5 has been in negotiations with Kyo-Ya Hotel and Resorts since this past summer, after contracts were expired and the company refused to renew them.

Hawaii hotel workers score major strike victory

(The People’s World) – By PAI. HONOLULU (PAI)—By an almost-unanimous vote—99.6 percent in favor—Unite Here Local 5 Marriott Hotel workers forced into a 51-day strike in Honolulu ended it Nov. 29 with a big win, ratifying a four-year contract with five hotels there. The pact covers 2,700 workers.

Editorial: Continue review of minimum wage

(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) – The strike by Hawaii hotel workers ended with a ratified agreement on Tuesday and pay raises all around. But the workers’ rallying cry — “one job should be enough” — continues to resonate in high-priced Hawaii, where costs for everything, especially housing, make it nearly impossible for the lowest-paid workers to get by on one job.