Local 5 is governed by elected Officers and Executive Board. They are elected by our membership every 3 years.

Additionally, Delegates are elected by the membership in October of every odd-numbered year. A Local 5 Delegate Convention is held every year. The Convention shall:

  1. Determine the budget of the Local Union;
  2. Establish goals, objectives, direction and policy for the Union;
  3. Make changes to the Bylaws, subject to the approval of the International Union; and
  4. Adopt resolutions for the Local Union to consider and implement.

For more information, please review the Local 5 By-Laws (PDF). For more information on the International Union’s governance, please review the UNITE HERE Constitution (PDF).

Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Cade Watanabe

Gemma Garampil Weinstein

Senior Vice President
Eric Gill

Julie Gabot
Jason Maxwell
Marla Marcello

Executive Board – Hospital
Cindy Aban

Executive Board – Hotel
Susan Galicha

Executive Board – Food & Beverage
Daren Miyasato

Executive Board – Hawaii
Maggie Larson

Executive Board – Kauai
Angela Prigge

Executive Board – Maui
Joyce Tihada

Executive Board At-Large
Lydia Agustin