Marriott Strike Bulletin: Day 8

View PDF version of Marriott Strike Day 8 bulletin here. View all photos from Marriott Strike Day 7. We are staying strong and united on the picket lines. Our One Job Should Be Enough message is being heard loud and clear. Victories from yesterday: Gov. David Ige’s Chief of Staff, Mike McCartney, joined our picket […]

Noise from Local 5 strike impacting businesses, guests

(KHON 2) – By Sara Mattison. HONOLULU (KHON2) – 27-hundred hotel workers have taken a stand for better pay. Now they’re on day seven of striking against five Kyo-ya owned hotels on Oahu and Maui. The impacts on tourism may not be immediately noticeable but the noise from picketers is loud and clear.

Strike-related dampening of visitor numbers could cross into 2019

(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) – By Allison Schaefers. Some 2,700 Marriott hotel workers in Hawaii spent a sixth day on strike Saturday, seeking higher wages and better benefits while exacerbating challenges to the state’s visitor industry, which already has had to deal with floods, a volcanic eruption and hurricanes.

Marriott Strike Bulletin: Day 7

View PDF version of Marriott Strike Day 7 bulletin here. View all photos from Marriott Strike Day 6. Worker unity and community support really ramped up on Day 6 of our #MarriottStrike. Two public sector unions, the United Public Workers and the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly, wrote public statements supporting our strike. The Hawaii […]

This week in the war on workers: ‘One job should be enough,’ striking Marriott workers say

(Daily Kos) – By Laura Clawson. Thousands of Marriott hotel workers are on strike in eight U.S. cities in a campaign with the slogan “one job should be enough.” The workers’ union points out that Marriott’s profits have risen by 279 percent since the great recession, while worker pay has gone up only seven percent. “As the largest hotel […]

Kyo-ya says they’re ready to welcome back hotel workers, but picketers aren’t convinced

(Hawaii News Now) – By HHN Staff. WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) – Saturday marks day six of the hotel workers strike in Waikiki and across the nation as workers demand better wages and promising benefits.

Kyo-ya: Committed to ‘good faith bargaining’

(The Maui News) – As a strike by hotel workers moved into its fifth day, the owner of the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa said Friday that it is “committed to continuing our good faith bargaining.”

Marriott Hawaii Strike: A travelers nightmare unfolding at Sheraton Hotels

(eTurboNews) – By Juergen Steinmetz. Traveling to Hawaii and planning to stay at a Sheraton or Marriott Hotel in Hawaii on the Island of Oahu or Maui? You may want to think again.

Striking hotel workers take their message to Waikiki Beach

(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) – By Allison Schaefers. Marriott hotel workers in Hawaii took their five-day-old strike for higher wages and better benefits to Waikiki Beach on Friday.

Marriott Strike Bulletin: Day 6

View PDF version of Marriott Strike Day 6 bulletin here. View all photos from Marriott Strike Day 5. We kicked off Day 5 of our #MarriottStrike with 1000+ strikers marching through the beach and demanding that one job should be enough to live in Hawaii. Then we had a rally that included a One Job […]