Column: Inspired by hotel workers, it’s time to fight for a living wage

(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) – By Gary Hooser. Are the rest of us as committed as hotel housekeepers to raising up Hawaii? Can we as a community accomplish in 60 days what the hotel housekeepers and restaurant workers achieved in 51 days?

Deal in San Francisco Ends Nationwide Marriott Strikes

(The New York Times) – By Karen Schwartz. A new contract with Marriott International that will give housekeepers in San Francisco an eventual $4-an-hour increase and better protections against sexual harassment was approved Monday, ending a nine-week strike by 2,500 workers at seven hotels in that city.

Letter: Use Kyo-ya deal as basis for others

(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) – By Dave Moskowitz. After a long and costly hotel union workers’ strike for higher wages, it would seem that the remaining hotels who have not negotiated a new contract with Unite Here Local 5 would sign as soon as possible (“Strike’s end means 5 hotels down, about 15 more to go,” Star-Advertiser, […]

Hawaii union workers negotiate deal with Marriott hotel management, ending months-long strike

(Balitang America) – HONOLULU, HI — Union organization Unite Here Local 5 has been in negotiations with Kyo-Ya Hotel and Resorts since this past summer, after contracts were expired and the company refused to renew them.

Hawaii hotel workers score major strike victory

(The People’s World) – By PAI. HONOLULU (PAI)—By an almost-unanimous vote—99.6 percent in favor—Unite Here Local 5 Marriott Hotel workers forced into a 51-day strike in Honolulu ended it Nov. 29 with a big win, ratifying a four-year contract with five hotels there. The pact covers 2,700 workers.

Editorial: Continue review of minimum wage

(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) – The strike by Hawaii hotel workers ended with a ratified agreement on Tuesday and pay raises all around. But the workers’ rallying cry — “one job should be enough” — continues to resonate in high-priced Hawaii, where costs for everything, especially housing, make it nearly impossible for the lowest-paid workers to get […]

Agreement brings end to Marriott worker strike in Hawaii

(Travel Weekly) – Tovin Lapin. More than 2,700 Hawaii hospitality workers have concluded a nearly two-month strike after reaching an agreement with hotel ownership and management.

Hotel workers ratify contract to end 51-day strike

(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) – Hotel owner Kyo-ya offered striking hotel workers up to $6.13 per hour in pay and benefit increases over four years in a new contract today that ended a 51-day-old strike.

SF hotel workers strike for 57 days & asylum seekers are tear gassed at the US border

(KALW Your Call) – By Laura Wenus and Rose Aguilar. Hotel workers have been on strike at Marriott hotels around the country, in some cities for more than 50 days. Marriott has settled with workers in several cities, but San Francisco hotel workers remain on strike. How will one of the longest hotel strikes in […]

Some Marriott Strikes End, but San Francisco Workers Stay Out

(New York Times) – By Karen Schwartz. The first thing that the wedding planner Lauren Carson noticed at the end of eight weeks of strikes against Marriott hotels in Hawaii was the quiet. The “incessant noise” from the picket lines was gone.