HMS Host HNL: Going back to work after Strike

What you need to know:

  1. Q: What do I do when the strike ends?

A: Celebrate with your coworkers about pulling off a successful strike action and building our power as a union! Then report to work for your next scheduled shift and clock in as you normally do.


  1. Q: What if I am scheduled to work during the time the strike ends?

A: Report back to work at the time the strike ends and work the remainder of your shift, unless managers tell you otherwise.


  1. Q: Can management retaliate against me for striking?

A: No. Management cannot discriminate or retaliate against you for participating in union activity, including a strike action.


  1. Q: What should I do if managers are treating us differently?

A: Our solidarity with one another is our most powerful tool! Stick together, be proud of what we accomplished, and demand respect from the managers when we go back to work. Document anything they say or to do you that you feel is retaliation and report it to the Union. You can report it by talking to your committee leader and/or calling or texting your organizers Lisa (223-4292) or Ruby (954-9733).


  1. Q: How should I treat scabs?

A: We are legally allowed to call our coworkers who cross our picket line “scabs.” However, we cannot threaten or harass them – this can put you and the Union at risk. You can replace their name with the word “scab” but be sure to stay cordial and respectful.


  1. Q: Is our fight over?

A: No! We have to keep the pressure on the company now more than ever to win what we deserve in negotiations. We can always do another strike action! But for now, join us in our upcoming actions (including a rally on 1/16/20) leading up to our next negotiations during the week of January 20.


For any other questions or concerns, call or text your organizers Lisa (223-4292) and/or

Ruby (954-9733).