Leafletting in front of Bank of Hawaii

On May 10, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii workers lead another action to draw attention to the low pay of bank tellers. They passed out leaflets in front of Bank of Hawaii and called on Edward Pei, Kaiser Permanente Board Member and Hawaii Bankers Association Executive Director, to raise bank tellers’ pay. This is just the beginning […]

Valet wins grievance case

Kamu, a valet at The Modern Honolulu, took a stand for his seniority rights. The Modern Honolulu wrongfully changed his seniority, so he took action and presented the facts to Human Resources in a grievance meeting with the union. Kamu won his grievance case, and the employer corrected his seniority. The employer also agreed to […]

Transporter wins grievance against Kaiser Permanente

Kavika has worked at Kaiser Permanente as a Transporter for three years. Last year, he applied for a Maintenance Worker 1 position. He was denied even though he was fully qualified, and he was never given an in-person interview. Instead, Kaiser gave the position to a non- Kaiser worker. To make matters worse, in January […]

Allocation & Delegate Election Results

Hotel Contraction Allocation Vote – Election Results 1533 YES128 NO7 Spoiled International Union Delegation Convention – Election Results 2100 votes cast. 1975 good. 76 spoiled. 59 challenged. Eric Gill    1588 Adore Udani    425 Novena Agas    1537 Marilyn Custodio    411 Lydia Agustin    1516 Corazon Quinesares    392 James Bartolome    1510           Lolita Rodriguez    391 Evelyn Barnatia    1503 Raul […]

Workers at The Modern Honolulu receive over $23k in back wages

This past week, The Modern Honolulu was required to pay a total of $23,543.99 in back wages owed to current and former workers! The National Labor Relations Board found that the hotel unlawfully changed employment terms and paid workers less than they were owed. Congratulations to those workers who came forward to fight alongside the Union […]

Edward Pei Hawaii Bankers Association Bank of Hawaii Kaiser Permanente

Sign waving by the Bank of Hawaii Annual Shareholder Meeting

During the morning rush hour on April 25, Kaiser workers went downtown to sign wave and leaflet by the Bank of Hawaii‘s Annual Shareholder Meeting. We wanted to point out the hypocrisy of these big companies and their executives.  Edward Pei, Kaiser Permanente Board Member and Executive Director of the Hawaii Bankers Association, is trying […]

Ala Moana Hotel workers ratify new contract

Honolulu (April 24, 2014) – With a resounding 159-1 vote, union hotel workers at the Ala Moana Hotel ratified a new contract that will improve the lives of 327 workers and their families and bring Hawai’i a step closer to providing good jobs for everyone. Hotel management agreed to match the new hotel contract that was […]

2014 UNITE HERE Delegate Election Voting

Voting for the 2014 UNITE HERE Delegate Election will take place by secret ballot at the following dates, locations and times. Any member in good standing may vote at any location. You MUST show photo ID in order to vote (or have 2 other members verify your identity): Tuesday, April 22, 2014 – Island of […]

Support autism insurance coverage

SB 2054, which will require state-regulated health plans to provide coverage for those with autism spectrum disorders, will be heard by the conference committee on Monday, April 21 at 8:50 AM.  We support the bill and urge the committee to maintain the coverage until age 21 and with the originally proposed (or higher) annual and […]

Ala Moana Hotel agrees to new contract

Ala Moana Hotel union members achieved their most cherished goal this week. On April 16, management agreed to match the new hotel contract settled with the other major Local 5 hotels—and give additional raises each year! The extra raises bring Ala Moana wages back in line with the rest of the major hotels. For 27 […]