Alliance of Healthcare Unions – UPDATE


Positive Announcement about PSP Bonus Expected Soon
Over 50 Steering Committee Members Gathered to Prepare for 2021 National Bargaining
Deadline Extended: Solidarity Survey Extended to January 2021
New Initiative: Share Your Story

Progress in Discussions on 2020 PSP Payout

Discussions continue with KP leaders over the Alliance proposal for a guaranteed full payout of 2020 PSP for all regions, with a higher payout where stretch is achieved. Given the impact of COVID-19 on PSP goals, the Alliance has called on KP to provide guaranteed PSP payouts. Based on our discussions, we are hopeful that we will get a positive response to our proposal soon. We also expect any PSP bonus agreement to be equally applied to all partnership union members (Alliance and Coalition), in fair recognition of all workers’ contributions to the COVID-19 response. We will provide more detailed information as soon as we have a formal response from KP. We believe that KP will recognize the extraordinary, heroic contributions of our members and our partnership in the face of this overwhelming crisis.

Additionally, KP also mentioned they would soon be responding to the Alliance proposal to extend COVID-19 benefits and Childcare grant through the first quarter of 2021.

Alliance Leaders Meet to Prepare for 2021 Bargaining

Over 50 Alliance Steering Committee members virtually gathered last Thursday and Friday to collectively plan our vision and strategy for success in local and National Bargaining in 2021. Topics discussed included a review of our gains in 2018 bargaining, an analysis of KP’s current financial strength, and key issues in bargaining. Union leaders shared goals for local bargaining and possible national improvements in benefits, education and career development, staffing language, accountability to partnership, student loan assistance, and other areas.

While the pandemic continues to challenge KP and our members, Alliance leaders expressed confidence in our ability to win great contracts again in 2021. Kaiser’s economics, care model, and membership remain strong, and we have every reason to insist on national and local contracts that maintain and improve industry-leading pay and benefits. We have made progress in every round of partnership bargaining since the first national agreement in 2000, and we will mobilize and prepare to make sure we continue that progress in 2021.

Highlights from 2018 National Bargaining

Perspectives from ASC Meeting

“We know we are facing a tough situation in the midst of the worst public health crisis of our lifetime. Our members have stepped up to meet this moment with incredible commitment and expertise. KP is financially strong and we are more unified than ever. With this solid foundation, we are mobilizing for a great contract.” – Hal Ruddick, Executive Director

“The Alliance has provided more support in the last two years than we’ve ever had before” – Jessica Hack, UFCW Local 27

“I feel that we have a better understanding of the direction we will be going for National Bargaining” – Cindie McGinnis, UFCW 770

Solidarity Survey to Stay Open through January 2021

During the Steering Committee, union leaders decided to continue organizing to collect more responses to our 2021 National Bargaining Solidarity Survey through the end of January 2021 to meet our collective goal of a 70% completion rate. In the coming days, Regional Directors will reach out to discuss next steps to brainstorm opportunities and strategies to reach your members.

Alliance Storytelling Initiative

We are going through a crisis together. The Alliance wants to help union members tell their stories. How are our members feeling? How are they coping? We want to hear about victories and setbacks as we fight the pandemic as well as related stress and trauma as a result of racial, class, and gender inequality and uncertainty. We want to hear from you. If you’re willing to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, please submit your story below. If you have questions, please contact our Director of Communications

We have two easy ways for members to share their story:

Upload your 60-second video here (2-minute max). To upload your video, click here.
Submit your written story.
Questions to get you started:
Describe your best day and/or your worst day since the pandemic started.
How has the pandemic changed your work?
How has your mindset changed from the very beginning of the pandemic to today?
What would you like to say to other healthcare workers?
What do you wish the general public knew about what it’s like to be a healthcare worker right now?
First Deadline for Launch: December 18, 2020

*Friendly Reminder: We are committed to protecting a patient’s right to privacy. Please omit patient names or any other identifying information when sharing your story.
To Learn More: