Hawai’i Nurses and Healthcare Professionals Union Joins the Alliance Unions

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Alliance Unions announce admission of Hawai’i Nurses and Healthcare Professionals into the Alliance FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

January 24, 2020 – Alliance Unions are excited to announce today that the Hawai’i Nurses and Healthcare Professionals union has joined the Alliance of Health Care Unions.

On January 22 Alliance leadership unanimously approved admission of Hawai’i Nurses and Healthcare Professionals (HNHP) into the Alliance. HNHP represents about 960 Kaiser Permanente registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and respiratory therapists employed by Kaiser Permanente in Hawai’i.

“We are thrilled that HNHP is joining our Alliance team,” said Denise Duncan, RN, UNAC/UHCP President and Alliance Unions Vice Chair. “We look forward to standing strong with our HNHP brothers and sisters for the nursing profession, for KP patients and for our Partnership in Hawai’i.”

In December 2019, HNHP successfully held elections and was certified by the National Labor Relations Board as the exclusive collective bargaining representation for three KP Hawai’i nursing bargaining units formerly affiliated with the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions. The new leadership chose to request admission to the Alliance and was admitted.

“With the Alliance in our corner, we are more ready than ever to forge ahead with bringing about the promises of transparency, education, member engagement, democracy, member rights, and patient safety that we all campaigned on,” said HNHP Interim President Maureen Meehan-Golonka. With HNHP’s decision to join the Alliance, and the members already represented by UNITE HERE Local 5 and UNAC/UHCP, the Alliance now represents approximately 3,800 Kaiser Permanente employees in Hawai’i.

“UNITE HERE Local 5 welcomes Hawai’i Nurses and Healthcare Professionals into the Alliance,” said Eric Gill, Secretary Treasurer of UNITE HERE Local 5. “We are pleased to continue our work with the Kaiser nurses and look forward to our joint efforts in making Kaiser the best place to work and receive care.” With HNHP’s inclusion, Alliance Unions now represent registered nurses in six out of eight Kaiser Permanente regions, bringing Alliance Unions membership to 22 local unions representing more than 50,000 Kaiser Permanente employees.

“With HNHP’s members the Alliance will be an even stronger voice for Registered Nurses across Kaiser Permanente,” said Adrienne Enghouse, president of Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals (OFNHP) and Alliance Unions Executive Board Member. “The Alliance is a great fit for their membership.”

About the Alliance of Health Care Unions: The Alliance is made up of 22 Local Unions representing more than 50,000 Kaiser Permanente employees, including ILWU, IUOE, HNHP, KPNAA, OFNHP (AFT), Teamsters (IBT), UFCW, UNAC-UHCP (AFSCME), UNITE HERE, and USW. Our mission is to empower our union members, using our collective voice and our partnership to sustain high performance at Kaiser Permanente, thereby improving lives of our members and their families by securing leading wages, quality of worklife, and quality care. More info at ahcunions.org.

Contacts: Cassandra Braun (510) 541-7528; Maureen Anderson (909) 962-9410.

January Victories Bulletin

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HMSHost Strike

Local 5 members at HMSHost HNL made history last month with their first ever strike at the airport! Workers showed the company that we are strong and united over the course of the three-day strike, shutting down majority of the food establishments at the airport and sending our message globally—One Job Should Be Enough!

HMSHost Workers Lobby Legislators

Local 5 members working at HMSHost HNL met with Governor David Ige to secure his pledge to support the strike. Governor Ige acknowledged the struggles of the airport workers and committed to reach out to HMS Host. Local 5 members also knocked on the doors of state legislators to ask for their support to make One Job Enough at the Honolulu Airport. Union members from the Bricklayers Union (IUBAC Local 1), Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA), United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 480, and many more joined in solidarity with Local 5 members.



UNITE HERE members from other cities support HNLStrike

UNITE HERE members from different cities across the country organized actions in their airports in solidarity with HMSHost workers on strike. Union members from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose, Phoenix, and Seattle handed informational flyers to travelers—sending the message of Local 5 workers far and wide: the workers united will never be defeated!




Modern Honolulu Ratification

UNITE HERE Local 5 members who work at The Modern Honolulu voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new contract, with 100% yes votes. The workers secured the largest pay and benefits package in the hotel’s history—setting the standard for timeshare workers and bringing us closer to making one job enough to live in Hawai’i.




KBC Rally

Ka’anapali Beach Club workers had a rally last December to demand that one job should be enough! They are fighting for a good contract that will set a good timeshare standard on Maui. Thanks to the Sheraton Maui and Modern workers who joined in solidarity!





Kahala Shopfloor Victory

Evangelina Javier, a housekeeper at the Kahala hotel was wrongfully terminated in early 2019. She filed a grievance with the help of the Union and the Kahala workers organized several delegations. After a year of thorough investigation, Evangelina got reinstated and is set to go back to work this month. Congratulations Evangelina!

HMSHost Strike Bulletin Day 3

See our photos from Day 3

Watch Eric Gill’s message to HMSHost HNL Workers

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We made history with our first ever strike at the airport.

We proved to ourselves that we have the courage and the power to come together. We demonstrated to the company that we are willing to sacrifice to make One Job Enough and we’ll do it again if we have to!

But the fight isn’t over! Let’s keep the momentum going until our next negotiations the week of January 20. Our next rally at the airport will be on Thursday 1/16/2020 so save the date!

We are processing strike benefit checks and will let you know as soon as they are available. Once they are ready, we will distribute them at Lobby 6.


HMSHost Strike Bulletin Day 2

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Check our photos from Day 2

One day longer, one day stronger!

Day 2 of our strike was a big success — we had almost 300 people sign in on day 1 and new people joined our line!

We made Friday’s frontpage news. The news of our strike is being shared not only nationally, but globally! People came on their day off; people who crossed the line yesterday came out to join our strike today. Local 5 members from Kaiser, Kahala, Princess Kaiulani, Sheraton Waikiki, Moana Surfrider, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Queen Kapiolani, Royal Hawaiian, Airport Plaza came to support their brothers and sisters. An AFA Hawaiian flight attendant joined us last night, as did a pilot from Hawaiian. Workers from other companies at the airport shared their support as we raise the standard of airport jobs.

Talk to our coworkers to join us for our last day, for whatever time they can so they can feel our collective power. We’re growing stronger together as a union family and we want them to be a part of it!

To get the strike benefit, you must complete 18 hours of strike participation by the end of the strike (Sun. 12/22 @ 3am).

HMSHost Strike Bulletin Day 1

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View Photos from Day 1

This is the first time we’re on strike and the turn out on our picket lines is strong!

As we prepare for Day 2 and for the busiest travel weekend of the year, be safe and welcoming to our island visitors; but let’s keep up our intensity and energy on our lines.

We got great news coverage. Our sisters and brothers from others locals in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Los Angeles supported us with their own airport actions. Workers from other unions in Hawai’i stood in solidarity with us. We got support from Local 5 members from the hotels and healthcare. We secured pledges from lawmakers and even met with Gov. Ige to gain support. The President of UNITE HERE, D. Taylor, and our Secretary-Treasurer Eric Gill, were present on our picket lines.
We showed HMS Host that we are STRONG and UNITED!

You need to stick to your scheduled 6-hr strike participation shifts you signed up for (2am-8am, 8am-2pm, 2pm-8pm, 8pm-2am) to show the company we’re strong. It’s also the best deterrent for scabs. You must participate in strike support for 3 days, 6 hours each day to get the strike benefit. If you have to move things around because of a second job or an emergency, talk to your picket captain or organizer (Lisa 223-4292). But as long as you participate 18 hours total over the 3 days you will be eligible for the strike benefit.

Stay strong. See you on the picket lines today!