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HMSHost workers at OGG #UnionStrong

HMSHost workers at Kahului Airport are wearing their “We’re Worth It” buttons to fight for higher wages! #UnionStrong

Victory: Kaiser Permanente MOA Housekeeping Aide – Overtime & Work Opportunity

On December 12, 2022 the evening shift experienced inadequate workload distribution. Workers were instructed to include additional duties onto their load. Committee Leaders Claire Rabe & George Kawelo discovered that management did not outreach to offer overtime (OT) & temporary work opportunity to backfill, and staff. They further investigated to confirm that Rogelio Baldonado Housekeeping Aide was not contacted. Rogelio indicated that he was willing to work if he was notified.

Issue was presented to the unit manager that Temporary Work Opportunity & Overtime to be offered to Bargaining Unit Members in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Employer resolved the matter by compensating Rogelio. He received backpay of 8 hours overtime overtime. Union YES!

Victory: Kaiser Permanente Contract Enforcement – Lift Techs

Contract Enforcement of section 7.8.B. Meal Period.
Know Your Rights ~

Sherry Lopez Shop Steward from Kaiser Moanalua Hospital, she discovered Lift Technician’s Foa & Rene took their meal period 30 minutes prior to their end of shift. Steward took into action & notified the Employer that if an employee is required to work more than six (6)hours after the start of the shift without being given an uninterrupted thirty (30)-minute meal period, the employee shall be paid at the applicable overtime rate for all time worked after the sixth (6th) hour until such time as the employee is given an uninterrupted thirty(30)-minute meal period.

Employer agreed to compensate for the overtime.

The situation was resolved prior to escalating to a grievance. Workers Lead!

VICTORY: Kaiser Housekeeping Aides are organizing to tackle backfill & staffing shortages

On November 17, 2022, the Employer did not call to offer temporary work opportunity & overtime (OT) to backfill and staff the linen department at Moanalua. Workers discovered Management conducting Bargaining Unit work.

Committee Leaders ( George Kawelo, Alex Dona & Claire Rabe), Shop Steward ( Amelia Iese), investigated that Vic Cabuloy was not contacted. He indicated that he was willing to work if it was offered.

The Employer has recognized Vic Cabuloy be compensated on paying the lost work opportunity on 11/17/22, and Temporary Work Opportunity & Overtime be offered to Bargaining Unit Members.

Union workers dedicated to
uphold the dignity of Labor✊🏾