Marriott Strike: Day 45 bulletin

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Yesterday, Local 5 properties that are not on strike had committee meetings and pledged to increase the support and walk the picket lines with our brothers and sisters on strike. Several members on strike shared their stories of how they have grown and what this strike means to them.

“Money comes and goes; this strike is more than that. We have created this special bond. What we learned about ourselves and each other, the company can never take away from us.” — Robert Valera, Sheraton Waikiki, Engineering

The growth, solidarity, strength, and courage of the strikers was felt by the committee at the support properties. The commitment to monetary contributions is reflected as donations are being given every day.

“I am supporting my brothers and sisters on strike because it is the right thing to do. Uniting in one direction is our way of winning a fair contract. I know that this is the way to secure the medical and the future for my family.” — Evangeline Bautista, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Housekeeping

Thanksgiving Reminder: Sign-up for potluck (Side Dish and Dessert)

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Statement from Local 5 re: negotiations with Kyo-ya and Marriott

Statement from Robert Valera, a Sheraton Waikiki worker on strike and a member of our negotiations committee. He has been to every single negotiations with Kyo-ya and Marriott:

“We’re hoping that Kyo-ya and Marriott can come back to bargaining table with a true settlement offer.” A true settlement offer is one that looks at the true cost of living and working in Hawaii and brings us toward the goal of all workers: One Job Should Be Enough.

In recent bargaining, union workers were disappointed that the employer declined to offer enough money for the wage increases and benefits that workers need to make one job enough to live in Hawaii. We offered a counter proposal to the company. They wouldn’t respond to our proposal, ended bargaining, and won’t meet with us again until next Monday, November 26.

Other cities don’t compare to either the profitability of Hawaii’s hotel industry or Hawaii’s cost of living. Hawaii’s hotel industry is making record profits, enjoying the nation’s highest revenue figures and driving very high occupancy rates. Meanwhile, Hawaii workers are facing big cost increases for everything from housing to food to gasoline.

Wages have not kept up with rising costs. While disappointed that no settlement was reached last Friday, we remain hopeful that the employer will make a true settlement offer next Monday. A true settlement offer is one that looks at the true cost of living and working in Hawaii and brings us toward the goal of all workers: One Job Should Be Enough.

Marriott Strike: Day 44 bulletin

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Rolling This Union On!

Committee Meetings:

Workplace committee leaders met yesterday, and they’re fully backing up their negotiating committee. If “One Job Should Be Enough” is going to mean anything, we need enough from the company to protect our medical, build our pensions, and deliver big wage increases. The company’s last offer was not enough. Management thinks they can break the workers by pushing this strike into the holidays. Well, they’ve underestimated their workers from the beginning!

Fighting with the In-Laws? Join Your Union Brothers & Sisters!:

The company cancelled their Thanksgiving dinners for the guests, but we’re still having ours! Our cooks are preparing turkey, dressing (stuffing), & gravy. Banquet workers, feel free to jump in and help serve. Sign-up sheets for side dishes are at each sign-in table. We will gather at PK and Moana at 10:30a, 2p, & 6p on Thursday. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your home family & your Union family on the picket lines!

“Know what you want, clarity is power.”

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Marriott Strike: Day 43 bulletin

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The child of one of our strikers was asked at school to disguise a turkey so that it doesn’t get eaten on Thanksgiving. So he disguised his turkey as a Marriott worker on strike, demanding that one job should be enough to live in Hawaii.

Who’s Got the Power?: Our momentum in this strike is growing. Kyo-ya knows that they will not have business as usual until they deliver a fair contract for their workers.

  • Every day, we have picket lines, on-property leafleting, beach actions, and customer outreach. To date, hundreds of customers have cancelled functions and room nights.
  • We’ve been in the news almost everyday since the strike began—newspapers, TV, and radio.
  • Images and stories about our strike are all over the internet—including Japanese twitter!
  • We will continue to pile on the actions and outreach until we win what we deserve.

Kyo-ya is not in control right now; the workers are. We have reached this point because of our solidarity—it is absolute strength.

Growing Political Support: Councilmember Joey Manahan and State Representative Henry Aquino recorded radio ads this week that will reach 72,000 listeners. They’re in support of our strike because they know we’re fighting for a better life for all of Hawaii’s workers.
Foodland Cards: We will issue $150 Foodland cards to all strikers who hit their 30 hours of strike support last week. Date of distribution TBD.

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Marriott Strike: Day 42

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During our last negotiation session, we all stood up for housekeeping—bell department, front desk, cooks, stewarding, servers, everybody. Before this contract fight, a lot of us didn’t realize how hard the rooms are for them. Now we know how much they are suffering and it’s not okay.

We are behind the housekeepers 100%. I respect them so much. This fight has shown me how important it is for all of us to stick together—we don’t all have the same issues, but to get what each of us needs, we actually need each other.

“We support our housekeepers, not because it holds any benefit to us, but because it’s what they deserve. It’s what is right and just. I’m filled with a sense of pride by the depth of this support from employees from every department.” — Edward Hampton. PK hotel maintenance

Get Ready for Thanksgiving! Strikers are planning a Thanksgiving feast. We have bonded through this strike, so on Thanksgiving, plan to celebrate with your home family and your Union family. More details to come.

“Encourage, lift, and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all. For we are all connected one and all.” — Debra Day

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Marriott Strike: Day 41 bulletin

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Negotiations update:

We moved significantly in bargaining, thanks to the strength and unity we’ve shown on the picket lines. But the negotiations committee agreed that management’s proposal still wasn’t enough to preserve our benefits and give us real wage raises. But the company didn’t wish to keep going. They proposed to come back to the bargaining table on Monday, November 26.

This Thanksgiving week, we need to show them that we’re united. We need to show them the camaraderie and strength we’ve built together over the past 40 days. While the hotels cancelled their Thanksgiving dinners, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving together as one ohana.

They’re testing us. We’re going to pass this test. Let’s make our picket lines stronger than ever!