Victory: Kaiser Permanente Contract Enforcement – Lift Techs

Contract Enforcement of section 7.8.B. Meal Period.
Know Your Rights ~

Sherry Lopez Shop Steward from Kaiser Moanalua Hospital, she discovered Lift Technician’s Foa & Rene took their meal period 30 minutes prior to their end of shift. Steward took into action & notified the Employer that if an employee is required to work more than six (6)hours after the start of the shift without being given an uninterrupted thirty (30)-minute meal period, the employee shall be paid at the applicable overtime rate for all time worked after the sixth (6th) hour until such time as the employee is given an uninterrupted thirty(30)-minute meal period.

Employer agreed to compensate for the overtime.

The situation was resolved prior to escalating to a grievance. Workers Lead!