Marriott Strike: Day 39 bulletin

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“Red Out” Action:

Yesterday, all 4 Waikiki hotels marched down to Marriott corporate offices in Waikiki. We chanted “Marriott Unfair”… because they are “UNFAIR!” Hundreds of striking workers let Marriott know that we are more fired up than ever!


We have negotiations today and Friday. We will give regular updates to the picket lines. So let’s keep up the chanting, keep up the marching, and keep up the leafleting. We’re out here until we WIN!

UFCW donated free Thanksgiving turkeys for all strikers!

ALL strikers are eligible for a coupon for a free Thanksgiving turkey, redeemable at any Foodland, Foodland Farms, or Sack N Save. You may pick it up at the sign-in table at your hotel.

These coupons are gifts from UFCW Local 480 (United Food & Commercial Workers). Thank you, UFCW!

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Marriott Strike: Day 38 bulletin

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Pour It On!

We are getting stronger! There were 100 more members that participated on the strike lines last week than on the first week of our strike! We proved to them that we are strong and they are not going to push us down.

We have negotiations on Thursday and Friday.

Nothing counts but pressure, pressure, more pressure, and still more pressure. Pour it on, Local 5!

Another group moves their event

Thanks PACT (Parents And Children Together) for postponing your event during our Marriott strike!

“Labor cannot stand still. It must not retreat. It must go on, or go under.” —Harry Bridges

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Marriott Strike: Day 37 bulletin

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Day 37: Because We’re Worth It

“This strike opened up my eyes. When we go back, we will know so much more about ourselves. We will go back stronger, wiser and clearer about where we stand with the company. We must enforce this contract, we must understand what we are worth and the importance of the work we do. We have changed because of this struggle. I will not go back for less than what I deserve because I know my value.”

—Roblyn Kastrinakis, Pantry, Moana Surfrider, 7 years.

Hawaii’s Need or Corporate Greed?:

Marriott made $1.49 billion in profits in the first nine months of this year. In 2012 (the most recent data available), Kyo-ya made $166,220,000 in straight profits at its 5 Hawaii hotels. Even by those 2012 numbers, if they paid workers $10 more per hour, we estimate they would still make $112,140,000 in profits. Our companies are successful, so what about us?

Take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go.

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Marriott Strike: Day 36 bulletin

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Our Ask Worked!

JTB is now notifying clients via their website about our striking hotels. Many guests have been very disappointed by the lack of notice and lack of services.

Contracts & Negotiations:

We’ve now reached contract settlements in Detroit, San Jose, San Diego and Oakland. Their negotiating committees are excited about reaching agreements and winning improvements for their cities. Negotiations are being held in San Francisco & Boston today and tomorrow. Hawaii has negotiations this Thursday & Friday.

Mahalo to Our Veterans:

Happy Veterans Day and mahalo to our Local 5 veterans. Most veterans are working folks just like us, fighting for a better future. Thank you for your sacrifices.

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Marriott Strike: Day 35 bulletin

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“I am inspired that we won for housekeeping, and I’m grateful to all of the departments for backing us up. As we go to week six, the company will see that we are even more determined to fight. The fact that they couldn’t give us the wage increases we need makes me mad—I’m not out here striking for nickels and dimes. I’m out here until we win!” —Jowenna Ellazar, Negotiating Committee, Sheraton PK, Housekeeping.

Ohayogozaimasu, おはようございます:
UNITE HERE! representative Carrie Sallgren met with a Counsellor at the Japanese Embassy in Washington D.C. and discussed the strike in Hawaiʻi. The Counsellor committed to reaching out to his contacts in Tokyo! He told us that he would keep us posted when he hears back. Our Japanese visitors deserve to know what’s going on. This is more pressure on Kyo-ya and Marriott to do the right thing for us and the guests!

“Other famous men, those of much talk and few deeds, soon evaporate. Action is the dignity of greatness.” –Jose Marti

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Marriott Strike: Day 34 bulletin

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Bargaining Update:

Sheraton Maui (pictured here) and Sheraton Kauai workers joined our Waikiki picket lines. We’re on strike on two different islands (Oahu and Maui), but our message is the same everywhere: One Job Should Be Enough!

The negotiating committee met with management reps Thursday and Friday. Clearly our strike is moving them. There were items management said NO to from the beginning of our negotiations—and now they are saying YES.

However, management did not give enough on economics. We told management that “One Job Should Be Enough” means delivering enough to cover the needs of ourselves and our families.

We will negotiate again this week starting Thursday.

UH students delegate Sheraton Waikiki GM:

A delegation of student leaders from Kia‘i Ke Kahaukani and Academic Labor United came to the picket lines to support our strike. They also spoke about how Mauna Kea protectors may be penalized under proposed UH rules. Then they delegated Tom Calame, the new General Manager of the Sheraton Waikiki, sharing their support for One Job Should be Enough.

Quote Of the Day: “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” —Chris Grosser

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