Nomination and Election of Local 5 Officers

Below is information on the nomination and election of Local 5 officers:

Notice of Nomination and Election of Local 5 Officers (posted on 6/8/21)

2021 SAMPLE mail ballot (posted on 7/20/21)

2021 SAMPLE in-person ballot (posted on 7/20/21)

2021 Voting Instructions (posted on 7/27/21)

Ballots for the Local 5 Officer Election have been mailed (posted on 7/29/21)

Moana Surfrider bussers take action to bring back their coworkers

William, Fu, and Louis are bussers at the Veranda in the Moana Surfrider. They delegated HR on Monday to address workload, staffing, and job description issues because their manager wasn’t responding to their concerns.

The HR director said she would address these issues with her team. Since then, adjustments have already been made.

For example, the use of the buffet brought back additional steward shifts and cook shifts: minimum of 2 additional for each per week. They will also hire more bussers.

Great job to William, Fu, and Louis for taking action together to address their work issues and bring back their coworkers! #UnionAdvantage

Hilton Hawaiian Village luau servers push to bring back banquet housemen

When the Luau was brought back at the Hilton Hawaiian Village green lawn, a manager told the food servers that they have to put the chairs on top of the tables when the Luau is over. This is not in the food servers’ job description. Workers brought it up in their food & beverage meeting and delegated the general manager, asking them to bring in banquet housemen to do this work.
A week after the general manager delegation, management brought in banquet housemen.
“I believe if workers fight together, we win together! They listened to us because we stood up together.” – John Depew, food server, Hilton Hawaiian Village

Kyo-ya Waikiki hotel workers delegate Marriott executive re: work issues

On Tuesday, worker leaders from the Waikiki Kyo-ya hotels met with Kevin Gleason from Marriott Corp.
Issues raised: job combos, daily housekeeping, short staffing, IRD, F&B cashiers, Mokihana food, F&B outlets, spa, angry guests, management doing our work, etc.
“We went on strike for 51 days and reached a contract in good faith. Now you guys aren’t following it. Just follow the contract!” -Corey Asano, Sheraton Waikiki Engineering. Management said they will respond in a few days.

Remebering Rev. Bob Nakata, community organizer & Local 5 ally

We share the sad news today of the passing of Rev. Bob Nakata. He was one of the founding clergy of Faith Action and has been a passionate ally of Local 5 for nearly two decades. His work with us includes getting arrested in our 2010 civil disobedience action with Hyatt Regency Waikiki workers; keeping the country country and defending good union jobs at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore; standing up against worker sexual harassment at Hale Koa in 2006; and so much more.

Rev. Bob Nakata also organized around land use and development, affordable housing, and the homeless. One memorable action he organized was camping outside of Honolulu Hale when the city began to kick the homeless out of the parks.

His role in the fight for jobs, housing, and development began with the Waiāhole-Waikāne struggle to defend homes and farms from urbanization development (read about it in his own words here).

He was also a State Senator and one of the founders of the KEY (Kualoa-Heeia Ecumenical Youth) project.

Rest in Power, Rev. Bob Nakata

Local 5 members on Maui get help from the Union applying for rental assistance

Local 5 member Caitlin Sabado took a leave of absence to work with our Union and help other members apply for the Maui County Emergency Rental Assistance Program (MERA). So far, she has helped to process 65 applications! #UnionAdvantage

Check out all of the Hawaii counties’ rental assistance programs on our Resources page.