Aloha! If you are visiting Hawaii, know that the local people are eager to welcome you. Hotel workers want to welcome you and make your visit wonderful.

アロハ! ハワイ訪問を計画している皆さま、ハワイの地元の人々は皆さまの訪問を心から歓迎しています。ハワイのホテルワーカーは皆さまの訪問がより素晴らしいものになるようにと願っています。

Hawaii hotel workers want to return to work.


You want a perfect Hawaii vacation, so make sure you will get automatic daily room cleaning at your hotel.


Some hotels don’t clean rooms daily without a guest request.  Go to front desk and tell them you want your room cleaned every day.


Asking for your hotel room to be cleaned every day will help local people get back to work!


Tell your hotel you expect daily housekeeping during your vacation.


Hawaii hotels have been charging visitors more money for a hotel room than in 2019*!


You paid for an expensive hotel room, so make sure you get the clean hotel room you expected.


Tell your travel agent you expect daily hotel room cleaning during your vacation.


You can contact Japanese travel agents here:


The “Average Daily Rate” (ADR) is the average amount hotels charge for one night of a hotel room.

*”ADR” (エーディーアール)平均客室単価” とは客室1室あたりの平均販売単価のことです。

As of May 2022, Hawaii’s Average Daily Rate has been at or above 2019 level since March 2021.

2022年5月現在, ハワイの1日の”ADR”平均客室単価は、2021年3月以降から2019年の水準以上になっています。