Register to submit video testimony to keep Bill 80 alive

Last week, the City Council failed to put Bill 80 on this week’s full Council agenda.  Shame on them! Bill 80 is straight forward – you either stand with workers like us or you side with the hotel bosses.  If Bill 80 doesn’t get a hearing now it will be dead.  There are two things we need your help with right now:

  • Last Friday, we sent a text msg encouraging you to call your Councilmember. If you haven’t done so, please call them now!
  • Register today to testify for Thursday’s Council Meeting to let the Council now how disappointed you are in them. Register to give video testimony on Resolution 20-296.

Let the Council know that a resolution is not good enough.  We need a Bill.  We need Bill 80 to be heard by the full Council asap!  A resolution is weak, shameful and disrespectful to workers.

We need the hotel industry to make a long-term commitment to providing good jobs as tourism returns.  If not, why else should locals support the return of visitors to our island?  The Council needs to step up and hold our hotel industry accountable.

Follow the directions below to register:

  1. Register for free for Webex: You must have an active email to do so.
  2. Once you’re registered, click here:
  3. Click “Join”
  4. Enter the meeting number: 1463718942
  5. Click “Register” (see photo below)
  6. Complete your registration. Under “What item(s) are you speaking on?” write “Res 20-296” (see photo below)