Kaiser Permanente Workers Strike: Gerald Penaflor

(Hawaii Public Radio) – By Beth-Ann Kozlovich. Over the past few years, some Kaiser workers affiliated with Unite Here Local 5 have held specifically targeted work stops – in 2013 there were four intermittent strikes including the protest over the closure of the Honolulu Clinic Urgent Care Center. But last fall’s clash over pensions and other issues recently led union members who work for Kaiser to consider a system-wide action. Gerald Penaflor will be out on strike. He’s a Lab Assistant at Kaiser Permanente Moanalua and he joined us to talk about the strike.

The Logic of Short Hospital Strikes

(Lab0r Notes) – by Alexandra Bradbury. Picture a strong strike. Production is halted, right? The factory floor is empty, machines stand silent, robust pickets keep scabs out. The boss, caught off guard and losing money by the day—or the hour—relents and agrees to the workers’ demands. – See more at: http://labornotes.org/2014/12/logic-short-hospital-strikes#sthash.mxaNxQ4H.dpuf

Hawaiian Health Care Workers Push Back Against Health Care Giant Kaiser Permanente

(In These Times) – By Steve Early. Mary Ann Barnes, the newly arrived president of health care giant Kaiser Permanente in Hawaii, recently informed hospital workers that the world figure she most admires is the late Mother Teresa—because of “her humanity and selflessness.”

Kaiser Runs Aground in Hawaii

(Labor Notes) – By Steve Early. Her top management priority “is to make sure that the work environment is as good as it can be…so that everyone can love what they do,” explained Mary Ann Barnes, new president of Kaiser Permanente in Hawaii, in the employee newsletter.

Ala Moana Hotel workers agree on new union contract with management

(Pacific Business News) – By Duane Shimogawa. Unionized hotel workers at the Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu have reached an agreement on a new contract with the hotel’s management by a vote of 159-1, officials with Unite Here Local 5, the union representing the workers, said Thursday.

Ala Moana Hotel worker pay to catch up with more Waikiki hotels

(Honolulu Star-Advertiser) – Ala Moana Hotel workers are looking forward to being paid the same as workers at many major Waikiki hotels after ratifying a new labor contract that will make pay parity a reality in several years.