If you lose hours due to the downturn caused by the coronavirus, you may be under Temporary Layoff status. Check with your organizer and your shop stewards.

• Section 21.1F. – Temporary Layoff. Temporary layoff is defined as any temporary elimination in the weekly work
opportunities normally available, lasting less than sixty (60) days, and where a reasonable expectancy of resuming the former shift exists.
• Section 21.4A. – Temporary Layoff. Employees affected by layoffs may accepts reduced work opportunity without loss of seniority status or bump employees with an equal or lower status within the classification or an equal or lower related job, in order to maintain work opportunity provided they are qualified to do the work and have more departmental
• Section 22.1 – Temporary transfer. Any employee subject to this Agreement may be temporarily transferred to another classification, or may be used to for relief of employees under another classification or for other legitimate business

If no aforementioned section applies to you, you may have the following options available:

Utilize existing vacation leave balance. Please keep in mind that you must have 80 compensable hours (for each employers’ reporting month) in order to maintain Health and Welfare benefits.

  • You may have accumulated an Hour Bank (maximum 100 hours) that may be utilized to retain benefits for a
    limited period of time if you fall short of the minimum 80 hours/month.
    To view your current hour bank, please visit the Trust Fund’s website at: www.unitehere5trustbenefits.com
    1. Click on the “Home” link on the top right corner;
    2. Create yourself a free account by clicking on “Register”;
    3. Once your account is created, your current benefits will be displayed which includes:
    • Medical Benefits;
    • Work Hours Reported; and
    • Current Hour Bank total.
    For assistance in creating a user account, please call the Trust Fund Office at 523-0199 or
    Neighbor Islands – (866) 772-8989