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The Modern Honolulu

Dates of inspections:     July 30, 2020 

Was this hotel open for guests during the July 30, 2020 inspection?             No

Has this hotel committed in a written agreement with Local 5 to providing COVID-19 testing for workers?     No

Has the hotel provided Local 5 with its policies/procedures/guidelines for contact tracing and tracking staff interaction with guests and other staff:     No

Percentage of non-staff people whom local 5’s inspector(s) observed were not wearing masks or the mask didn’t cover their nose or mouth:     N/A**

July 30, 2020 Inspection Findings

Area of inspection:Inspection findings:
Plexiglas (or other) barriersFront desk Plexiglas barriers did not cover entire desk. See photo.
Hand sanitizerThe hand sanitizer by the employee clock-in station was empty. See photo.

The employee dining room had one hand sanitizer.

Social DistancingEmployee elevator did not have COVID signage about social distancing or hand sanitizer station. See photo.
SignageThere was no COVID related signage in men’s locker room. See photo.
Other IssuesEmployee time clock used a shared fingerprint scanner. See photo.

Ice was kept in a table top cooler for self-service. See photo.

The engineering work area had no COVID-related signage nor physical reconfiguring. See photo.

There was no temperature screening required by the hotel when inspectors entered the property.

The hotel responded on August 26, 2020 to concerns raised from the inspection:

  • “As you probably know there is no CDC, or other requirement that we undertake temperature checks of either our team members or guests before they are allowed into the hotel. We will require team members to do a self-certification before they report to work which includes ensuring that they do not have a fever or other symptoms.”
  • “Many of the observations in [the union’s] letter reflect the fact that the hotel is currently closed to the public and some work is ongoing. The current conditions are not how the hotel will look when it reopens. Due to the limited number of team members that are working some of the signage and protocols that will be put in place are not necessary at present because there are simply so few team members that social distancing is much easier to achieve, and they are all aware of the need to avoid crowds in elevators or other spaces. The employee cafeteria is closed based upon the mayor’s recent order and team members that are working will be required to eat their lunch or other meal in separate spaces. If and when the cafeteria reopens it will comply with all requirements for social distancing. We currently operate the Employee Dining Cafeteria providing a meal in accordance to the CBA. Seating is properly separated in accordance to the new Hawaii Government Directives. Hand washing sink and sanitizer is available in the cafeteria.”
  • “With the property closed, we had placed some signage throughout the occupied areas. Additional signage will be in place before reopening.”
  • “We are examining which work areas need to be reconfigured to comply with social distancing requirements.”
  • “The cafeteria was reconfigured to have only one person at a table, there are sanitizer dispensers and a hand washing sink. In addition there are staff restrooms directly across from the entrance with have additional hand washing sinks.”
  • “[The union’s] observation regarding the pools is due to the fact that they are closed and it is not clear at this point under what circumstances they will be allowed to reopen even if the hotel is allowed to reopen in October. On reopening all signage and COVID Standards will be in place. This was also in a hurricane preparation state of storage. We have continued to keep all lounges and equipment off the deck and stored safely. In short, looking at a property that is closed to the public and has a skeleton crew is far different than a hotel that is on the cusp of reopening.”
  • “With respect to the locker rooms we have a public area attendant on staff daily to clean and sanitize throughout the day. The locker rooms are the first task of the Attendants’ daily duties. In a 24 hour period there are only 8-10 Team Members that would be using this area.
  • [The union] noted that the Plexiglas dividers for the front desk were not as large as other properties. We have relooked at the Plexiglas dividers to provide additional safe coverage. We will be installing either a double or new extended divider. We will only have 2 work stations available, one on each side with a separation of at least 10’.”

You can view protocol documents the hotel sent in response to Local 5’s information request here, the union received these protocols approximately around August 26, 2020.


Front desk plexiglas barriers did not cover entire desk.

Employee time clock uses a shared fingerprint scanner.

The hand sanitizer by the employee clock in area was empty.

Employee elevator did not have COVID related signage about social distancing or hand sanitizer.


No COVID related signage in men’s locker room.

Ice was kept in a cooler for self-service.

The engineering work area had no COVID-related signage nor physical reconfiguring.