HMSHost Strike Bulletin Day 1

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This is the first time we’re on strike and the turn out on our picket lines is strong!

As we prepare for Day 2 and for the busiest travel weekend of the year, be safe and welcoming to our island visitors; but let’s keep up our intensity and energy on our lines.

We got great news coverage. Our sisters and brothers from others locals in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Los Angeles supported us with their own airport actions. Workers from other unions in Hawai’i stood in solidarity with us. We got support from Local 5 members from the hotels and healthcare. We secured pledges from lawmakers and even met with Gov. Ige to gain support. The President of UNITE HERE, D. Taylor, and our Secretary-Treasurer Eric Gill, were present on our picket lines.
We showed HMS Host that we are STRONG and UNITED!

You need to stick to your scheduled 6-hr strike participation shifts you signed up for (2am-8am, 8am-2pm, 2pm-8pm, 8pm-2am) to show the company we’re strong. It’s also the best deterrent for scabs. You must participate in strike support for 3 days, 6 hours each day to get the strike benefit. If you have to move things around because of a second job or an emergency, talk to your picket captain or organizer (Lisa 223-4292). But as long as you participate 18 hours total over the 3 days you will be eligible for the strike benefit.

Stay strong. See you on the picket lines today!