Kaiser Permanente Hawaii is going in the wrong direction. At one time, many of us were filled with hope, especially when we joined in partnership and announced a joint mission: To make Kaiser the best place to get care and the best place to work. Recent decisions make us question Kaiser’s commitment to this mission.

—Why is Kaiser sending our Patient Financial Services work to third party subcontractors on the mainland?

—Why are we not re-opening closed clinics our communities want open?

—Why does staffing continue to be a problem throughout the region?

—Why is Kaiser trying to move away from being an industry leader in pay and benefits and towards being slightly above average instead?

Kaiser can be a solution to the severe unemployment problem and lack of quality job creation in this state, but Kaiser has decided to cut jobs and make our existing jobs harder instead. Kaiser is attacking Hawaii while at the same time amassing over $36 billion in reserves.

Local 5 will stand up and fight for workers at Kaiser and for our patients. Local 5 still believes in the mission. That is why job security and staffing is the primary focus of our negotiations. If you want to learn more about what is happening in negotiations, join our townhall:

June 10th

Zoom ID: 8178074687

7am-745am & 6pm-645pm

Link to Local 5 proposals: https://www.unitehere5.org/wp-content/uploads/21-05-19-Kaiser-proposals-for-2021-open.pdf

Sign our petition: https://www.unitehere5.org/protectkpjobs/