Kyo-ya job fair is a slap in the face of each of our 910 furloughed Local 5 members

“We’re Hiring!” Kyo-ya proudly announced on their flyer for a two-day job fair. But why are they hiring when there are 910 furloughed Local 5 members who have not been called back to work?

Workers delegated management last week, demanding that furloughed workers need to be called back.

“Although the Japanese market is not back, the hotel is at 90% occupancy—soon to be 100%. But only half of the staff is back. Why is Kyo-ya having a job fair when we still have hundreds of workers sitting at home waiting to be called? I have over 30 years of service and now I have to apply to get my job back? I’m very disappointed.” –Michele Alvaro, cashier at Kai Market

Cashiers are one of many job classifications that has not been called back to work. Rumfire is open and Edge will reopen on July 2, but so far no cashiers have been scheduled.

“I have worked at Sheraton Waikiki for 35 years—more than half my life. The hotel thinks that cashiers are not needed. Cashiers are the foundation of the restaurant. We make sure all policies are followed and all transactions are done correctly and timely. We make sure no funny business is going with the tips, cash, and credit cards. When cashiers aren’t called back and other workers have to do their work, this hurts the service to our guests. Cashiers have always protected the interest of the hotel and owners. It’s hurtful that my dedication and years of service mean nothing.” – Linda Takeuchi, cashier at Kai Market