Message from Kaiser Permanente re: Moanalua

This message is for Moanalua Medical Center (MOA) managers and supervisors. Your staff will be notified of these directions in a separate email arriving shortly.

Dependent Care

The Dependent Care Center will open at 5 p.m. Thursday, August 23 for physicians, providers, and hospital staff working during the storm. The Dependent Care Center may be found in the Malama wing of Moanalua Medical Center (MOA).

The Dependent Care Center is for all ages but is NOT recommended for family members and children who are sick or are too frightened to be with unfamiliar people or in unfamiliar surroundings. Please remember childcare is provided by volunteers and not professional caregivers.

Parents bringing children to the Dependent Care Center during the storm are asked to:

  • Bring identification to provide when you sign-in and sign-out your child.
  • Allow time to complete an information form before your shift when you arrive.
  • Bring any required medication with written instructions.
  • If possible, bring pillows and bedding as there is limited supply.
  • Bring preferred snacks and drink container.
  • Bring sufficient personal care supplies (diapers, wipes, etc.)
  • Bring appropriate comfort items (blankets, teddy, books, tablet).
  • Include clothing with layering options for varied climate (warm or cool).
  • Label all personal items.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided but options will be limited. Anyone on a restricted or special diet should bring appropriate items with written instructions.

Reporting to Work Friday, August 24

Employees reporting to work for Friday day shifts are encouraged to arrive at MOA no later than 6:00 a.m. to assure no one is traveling while the storm may be the most dangerous. Once employees arrive on site, they are to check-in with the staffing office on the first floor (Hospital Operations Center). For employees who are bringing children, please check-in your children FIRST, then report to staffing.

Employees who arrive on site prior to their scheduled shift will be paid their straight time regular rate of pay (not to count towards calculation of overtime). Check-in will be documented on a manual time record for pay purposes. The employee will clock-in as usual once the scheduled shift begins. For employees who arrive on-site early, there will be space to rest/shelter before their scheduled shift begins.

PDF version of this memo can be viewed here.