Reminders for applicants to CNHA Hoala program

Reminders for applicants to CNHA Hoala program for medical assistance:

  1. You may start to Create Your Account and upload documents on the CNHA website but DO NOT hit the “APPLY” button until you have ALL documents uploaded including #2 below. If you do not have ALL documents click on “Save Draft” and you may come back later.
  2. One of the documents you will need is the “bill”. This is the election form that you will receive from the Trust Fund. Most of you have not yet received this. Please be patient as you should be getting it in the mail by Friday, Nov 13.
  3. Remember once you receive the “bill/election form” from the Trust Fund, it must be submitted as part of your application to CNHA AND most importantly, you must send it to the Hawaii AFL H&W Trust Fund so they know what coverage plan you are selecting.
  4. If you need prescriptions or other services before payment for your COBRA/Self-pay is submitted, you will have to pay up-front, save your receipts and be reimbursed. It will be retroactive to Nov 1.
  5. DO NOT send proof of payment to or speak to CNHA about reimbursement from the Trust Fund. This will cause you to be disqualified.