Update: Kaiser, Fix it First!

Our campaign is working. But we’re not done.

UNITE HERE Local 5 has been fighting for three years to preserve pensions for Kaiser workers. On Thursday, June 4, Kaiser pulled its two-tier pension proposal off the table for the 105,000 workers in the Labor Management Partnership (LMP) unions. In January, Kaiser settled a contract with the California Nurses Association (CNA) that preserves the pension.

Sign the “Fix it First” card. Let Kaiser and the public know: Hawaii isn’t “Little Hawaii” and we aren’t second class. We led the fight to keep the pension and we deserve the same pension settlement as CNA and the LMP.

Kaiser needs to take care of the patients and workers they already have. No new members for Kaiser until they fix it first.

Questions? See your committee member, call 941-2141, kaiserdeprives.org.

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