Welcome to the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions & our Labor Management Partnership

UNITE HERE! Local 5 has been accepted into the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions and subsequently into The Labor Management Partnership (LMP). LMP is better way of working, based on mutual respect, joint accountability and common goals. In most cases, this has led to measurable improvements in care and service, job security, Coalition union job growth, and region-based industry-leading wages and benefits.

The building blocks of our successful partnership include:

  • Employment and Income Security Agreement, which provides for retraining and job opportunities for displaced workers
  • National Agreement, negotiated in solidarity with 34 Coalition local unions, which goes beyond wages and benefits and creates a true voice for workers and better processes for service, quality, organizational change, and safety
  • Joint trust fund organized under the Labor Management Cooperation Act of 1978 for specific partnership purposes to create and sustain frontline employee skills and program support

Your Nine-Cent Investment

Under the National Agreement, the LMP trust is funded approximately half by management and half through a nine-cent per hour wage diversion of Coalition union-represented employees. That works out to $7 per pay period. The Union Coalition agreed to joint funding of the trust fund so our unions have a full voice in the use of these funds. In Hawaii, it was ratified in our 2015 contract, but could not be implemented until we became participants in the LMP.

As of Jan 19, your paycheck will automatically show an adjustment of 9 cents per hour in your wage rate, reflecting the wage diversion for the trust. These funds support learning, communications, metrics, and regional resources for your teams. Some examples of what the trust provides for union employees like you:

  • dedicated staff to support your voice and your contributions to your front-line unit-based teams (UBTs): Hawaii-based staff will help your teams learn to work together and perform better
  • partnership training, employee health, safety and other programs: Training programs include LMP Orientation, UBT Member, Interest-based Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis (safety), among many more
  • leadership and development opportunities for union members to receive paid time to work on partnership activities
  • protection afforded by the Employment and Income Security Agreement, joint problem-solving, issue resolution processes, and many other partnership benefits
  • support for union member participation in Coalition and Kaiser Permanente conferences and events:
    • Union conferences include the annual Union Delegate Conference and the Frontline Skills Development Institute.
    • Industry conferences include the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.
    • Kaiser Permanente events include the Diversity and Inclusion Conference and the Quality Conference.

PDF flyer of this announcement.