Workers at Marriott negotiations: Stop the Squeeze!

On Thursday, June 28, 2018 Local 5 opened negotiations with Marriott. This followed an amazing day of action on June 27th where over 1500 members and supporters hit the streets on Oahu and Maui to tell the world that we want a future in which One Job Should Be Enough!

At the negotiations, Marriott workers from Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and the Sheraton Kauai unloaded. The night was filled with passionate testimony taking the company to task for not staffing correctly, and piling unreasonable workloads and expectations on us. The workers demanded that the company stop the “squeeze” that is bad for us physically and mentally.

Our point was to make sure the company knows that it is not good enough to just give us a wage increase. The workers made the point loud and clear.

We demanded:

  1. A safe and healthy workplace
  2. Strong commitments to our job security in a rapidly changing industry