UNITE HERE Local 5 Leads Proactive Approach with Industry to Protect Jobs and Healthcare Coverage

UNITE HERE Local 5 leadership and UNITE HERE national leadership will meet with the hospitality
industry to discuss responses to the COVID-19 outbreak.

International Union President D. Taylor will meet with Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and others. Our International Union will press that workers not be left out of the industry’s COVID-19 response. Specifically, we will press for additional sick leave, continued medical coverage, and that workers not bear the brunt of any
industry downturn.

Should the Federal Government provide any type of financial relief for the hospitality sector, we will demand that money go directly to support working people. We urge the hospitality industry in Hawai’i to provide steady leadership and to continue working with the Union to ensure the health and safety of the workers.

Local 5 has begun bargaining with hotel employers to deal the many layoffs of workers and to address measures to protect the health of workers and guests. The Union has been communicating to our Employers that worker safety is equally as important as guest safety, as is maintaining health care benefits for our members during this health crisis.

We will NOT agree to roll back any of our contract rights and benefits as some employers have proposed.

We will also call out and hold accountable any employer who tries to take advantage of a crisis by cutting too deep or trying to lock in cuts even after the crisis has passed.

Some of the proposals we are making to our employers:
• Protect medical benefits of workers who lose hours
• Suspend punitive measures when workers call in sick
• Increase staff resources for the cleaning of public and work areas. Guests may come if they know the hotel is twice as clean
• Work with the Union to push federal, state, and county officials to extend the limits of unemployment and fund continued medical benefits

This is a time where we all must pull together workers and management. We are encouraging voluntary hours sharing so that we all can get through this.

The Union is also organizing resources and expertise to help those who are impacted by lack of work.
We will be working with management to provide opportunities for our members to access union and government programs to support our families through this crisis.

Stay tuned and get plugged in. Contact your organizer or shop steward for information.