Fight Subcontracting: Button-up at Kyo-ya Waikiki hotels

In the last year, Kyo-ya/Marriott has done the following:

We must deal with these clear violations. The best way to deal with it is with the combined power of our membership. We cannot let subcontracting spread like a cancer. It is difficult to raise a family and find stability living in Hawaii, when we build a standard that allows us to support the ones we love, we must do everything we can to protect that standard. It is time for all Local 5 members to show strength and unity.

“It is very important that Local 5 members band together in unity to fight subcontracting. This is a great way to show we are getting ready for our contract in 2018”, says Evelyn Barnatia, Sheraton Waikiki Housekeeping.

“We must send a strong message to our employers that we will not shrink from defending our working family and our jobs. It may be the concierges today and us next. Everyone is important, everyone has value. The concierges want to join our Union, let’s fight for them”, says Jean Teo-Gibney, Royal Hawaiian Front Desk.

“When we grow our Union we all benefit. We cannot afford non-union standards bringing us down. Our whole hotel should be Union”, says Mike Kirby, Westin Moana Beach Bar.

Union Difference: Medical Benefits

Group Cost for family medical
Kyo-ya (non-union) (PPP) $ 381.40 per month, $190.70 per pay check
Pleasant Holidays (Kyo-ya concierge transfer) (PPP) $767.00 per month, $383.50 per pay check
Local 5 (Union) $0 per month, $0 per pay check