Support the Kyo-Ya Waikiki concierges, tour/activities, and dining desk workers

The best places to work have a culture where workers feel valued and respected. Equality in treatment is important in building this culture. When we as workers feel a sense of community and shared purpose, we become a working family and the company thrives. Why then does Kyo-Ya believe it is okay to subcontract some of our family? What does it mean for us if they go unchallenged?

On October 26, 2017, concierges, tour/activities, and dining desk workers at all four Waikiki properties were told they will no longer be working for the Kyo-ya family. Instead, they will have to work for a subcontractor or take severance and leave. What makes this even more terrible is the fact that this announcement was made after a group of concierges requested a fair process to join the Union on October 3, 2017. They wanted equal treatment and the same opportunity given to pool workers who joined the Union.

“We gave everything to this company. We dedicated ourselves to build relationships with our loyal guests and contributed to the growth of our company. Kyo-ya benefited from our knowledge, experience, and expertise and now they decided not to be loyal to us. We feel betrayed and deeply hurt. This is not the company I knew,” says Terry Linthicum, concierge at Sheraton Waikiki.

Local 5 is calling on all members to make a stand right now. Start by wearing our campaign button which demands that the company end subcontracting. Wear the button every day and sign our petition so we can show unity and defend our Kyo-ya family.