Important message for Kaiser Permanente workers re: Hurricane Lane

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii – Hurricane Lane Clinic Closures

The following closures and schedule changes will be made in preparation for the approach of Category 4 Hurricane Lane. A matrix version of this information is also provided below.

Interisland Travel

  • All interisland travel for physicians, providers, staff, and members will be CANCELED for Thursday (8/23) and Friday (8/24).

Hawaii Island

  • All Hawaii Island clinics will be CLOSED on Thursday (8/23).
  • A decision about whether to close Hawaii Island clinics on Friday (8/24) will be made Thursday.


  • Kihei and Lahaina Clinics will be CLOSED on Thursday (8/23) and Friday (8/24).
  • Maui Lani Medical Office, Maui Lani Elua Clinic, and Wailuku Medical Office will CLOSE AT NOON on Thursday (8/23).
  • All Maui clinics will be CLOSED on Friday (8/24).
  • A decision about whether to open Maui Lani Medical Office on Saturday will be made on Friday.


  • All Oahu clinics (primary care and specialty) will be OPEN on Thursday (8/23).
  • All clinics (primary care and specialty) will be CLOSED on Friday (8/24).
  • A decision about After-Hours Care at Moanalua Medical Center on Thursday (8/23) and Friday (8/24) will be made Thursday morning.


  • Lihue Clinic will be OPEN on Thursday (8/23).
  • Lihue Clinic will be CLOSED on Friday (8/24).

Please contact your supervisor if you have questions about how these closures and changes impact your work/practice.

Hurricane Lane updates are also being posted on insideKP Hawaii.

PDF version of the above announcement can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I pay my employee for the full shift if we decide to close the department during the workday shift?

Yes. Employees are paid for the hours they were scheduled to work on the workday that such closure takes place (i.e., paid as if they had worked the entire day).

The pay code to make up the hours would be ADN.

2. How will employees be paid if the department is closed before the beginning of the work shift?

Employees will be notified of closing by visiting the EOC website at, or by calling the emergency phone line at 808-432-7441. Employees should also tune into local radio and television stations for announcements concerning weather.

Employees scheduled to work on the day of the closing receive pay for half of their regular shift. To make up for the reduction in pay for that workday, employees are offered:

  • Vacation/PTO
  • Make up work during the same week where feasible
  • The employee can also elect not to be paid. Pay code is OPL.

3. If the department is closed for more than one day, how are they paid?

If an hourly employee reports to work as scheduled on subsequent days of closure and no work opportunity is available, the employee is paid in accordance with the reporting pay provisions in the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Non-union, non-exempt employees will be paid for four (4) hours at the regular rate.

If management makes a reasonable attempt to notify employees prior to their scheduled shift that the department is closed, employees receive no payment for reporting to work.

4. Can employees bring their children to work if they do not have child care?

Employees working at locations other than the hospital cannot bring their children to work. Essential employees who are needed to staff the hospital will have access to the Family Shelter provided as part of our disaster plan. Employees who wish to utilize the Family Shelter are required to notify their supervisor so that we can plan accordingly.

PDF version of the above FAQ can be found here.

Kaiser Permanente Moanalua Hospital Family Shelter

  • Malama shelter will be open for shelter and child care at 1700 Thursday for the families of those who are working at the Hospital during the disaster period
  • There will be 24-hour child care available for children whose parents are working at the Hospital during the disaster period
  • Immediate family members can accompany employee (husband/wife and children)
  • During the hurricane, all staff may park in the structure regardless of shift
  • Food/water will be provided for those in the families in the shelter
  • Compensation is being finalized
  • Please bring: change of clothes, toiletries, medications, etc.
  • No pets are allowed (except services animals)