Local 5 on Bobby Bunda

Some may disagree with our support of Bobby Bunda, and that’s ok. But we’re confident Bobby is the best candidate for Council District 2.

Bobby has never shied away from criticism, but he has also been subject to a series of unfair, illegal and anonymous mailers that do not reflect the values of our hard working families in District 2. The sender of these mailers want you to believe they came from Dave Burlew, another candidate in the race, but he sent a statement to the State Campaign Spending Commission saying he had nothing to do with the mailers.

Before you vote, or even if you have already voted, you should know the whole truth behind each candidate. Google search Heidi Tsuneyoshi, Dave Burlew, Choon James and Bobby Bunda and start learning the facts. Also, ask yourself which candidate has enough money to pay for an expensive mass mailing campaign and stands to gain the most from attacking Bobby Bunda?

While we may not agree with Bobby on every issue, he has always shown a willingness to listen.

In 2011, Bobby accepted an appointment to the newly created Public Land Development Corporation (“PLDC”), but he was NOT responsible for its creation. It was the State Legislature that created it, and it was then Governor Neil Abercrombie that signed it into law. Local 5 opposed the PLDC, and we continue to oppose the “fast-tracking” of development on our public lands.

Alongside community leaders from across the State, Local 5 helped to organize the repeal of the PLDC. And we won! After hours of testimony and in hearings all across the State, Bobby Bunda listened. In 2013, we successfully passed a new law repealing the PLDC.

Today, Bobby is standing with us against the proliferation of illegal short-term rentals in our neighborhoods that threaten to take away valuable housing and jobs from locals. And Bobby continues to listen to our concerns over the protection of our island’s precious natural resources including our undeveloped open space and pristine shorelines.

Local 5 members believe our principles of truth, justice and morality should guide us. Let them be your guide too. Don’t let anonymous mailers persuade you.