Modern Honolulu: Negotiation Update

Click here to view PDF leaflet

Click here to view PDF leaflet

We had negotiation sessions with the hotel on August 27 and August 28. Among other things, we discussed the remaining issues:

• Housekeeping workload
• Engineering department staffing
• Wages
• Effective date of the agreement
• Successorship (job security for Modern workers in the event that the hotel is sold or changes operation)

Although we made significant progress, we are not done, yet. The next step is for both sides to put together all the issues we agreed upon into one document to be reviewed by both the Union Committee and the hotel representatives. After that, the Modern workers vote to ratify it and, if ratified, the contract becomes effective.


Tuesday, September 3

5:00 P.M.
Local 5 Office (1516 S. King Street
All Modern Workers are encouraged to attend!

Meanwhile, if you have not signed the UNION YES PETITION or have not had your photo taken yet, make sure you do so.

The stronger we are inside, the better contract we will get. Unity is our strength!

If you’re interested in more details or would like to see a copy of the management and/or Union’s proposals, please contact Erlinda Sanchez or Juliana Alcaraz at (808) 941-2141.