Quick Reminders
**If you are already an existing applicant, please email your original intake specialist before 6/30/22 (DO NOT REAPPLY)
** If you already have an application out with Council of Native Hawaiian Advancement, please reach back out to them before 6/30/22 (DO NOT REAPPLY)
**If you’ve been previously declined and think you may be eligible now, please reach out to your original intake specialist before 6/30/22 (DO NOT REAPPLY)

Updates As of 6/15/22
-One Oahu portal set to close on June 30th, 2022 by 4:30 pm—you must apply before this time on
-Any financial hardship due to COVID19 or DURING COVID19 (termination, car repair, loss of hours)
-2022 updated Average Median Income qualification
-Mooring fees
-Up to 18 months of total assistance, if eligible/funding available

Other things to Know
-Not all L5 applicants are with Sora, Haley, or Caitlin—we may not have direct access to your case
-You may still be eligible even if you’ve returned to work (must not exceed 2022 AMI)
-If you are not tech saavy, simply contact us via phone and we can assist you with applying. Otherwise, you will apply via and let us know so that we can pull your application from the bunch

Contact Info
-Sora 808-497-0328
-Haley 307-251-3852
-Caitlin 808-443-8227
Okay to TEXT if needed (within reasonable hours)
**Please do not give out our information to non L5 members or for anything other than Rent/Utilities Relief Program**