Sun. 4/12: COVID-19 Daily Update


We have a new page on our website on how to stay current with your membership dues. As you know, continued dues payment is essential in keeping the Union strong. The government will not give the Union money to continue to keep our operations running like the government bailed out the Corporations.  Being in good standing is important for you and the Union.


Dr. Scott Miscovich warns of community spread from Maui Memorial outbreak (KITV, April 12, 2020)

The article relays some strong opinions from Dr. Miscovich about how he felt Maui Memorial caused its recent outbreak. The article says, “Maui Memorial Medical Center is emerging as the poster child of what hospitals should not do during the coronavirus pandemic. Premier Medical Group Hawaii’s Dr. Scott Miscovich says conservative policies on how personal protective equipment is used and not enough testing of frontline workers led to an outbreak… An online petition started by an ICU nurse calling for the removal of hospital leaders now has more than 2,700 signatures, alleging ‘abusive and dangerous policies’ are putting lives at risk. He hopes this serves as a lesson to other medical institutions who have similar conservative policies.”

Hawaii senior care homes take extreme measures to keep COVID-19 out (Star Advertiser, April 12, 2020)

Senior care homes in Hawaii have so far avoided any cases of coronavirus, thanks to strong measures taken early on.

COVID Cases Today

World: Cases: Cases: 1.85M (+150k).  Deaths: 114.4k (+5.4).  Recovered: 430K (+26k)

USA: Cases: 557k(+28k).  Deaths: 22.1k (+1.5k).  Recovered: 41.8k (+9.8k)

Hawaii: Cases:  499(+13).  Deaths:  9 (0).  Hospitalized: 44 (0). Recovered: 310 (+10)