Sun. 4/5/20: COVID-19 Daily Update


We added a letter template to our Resources Page that you could send to your landlord or lenders if you are experiencing financial hardship. Click here to download the letter template.


Here’s the latest breakdown of Hawaii’s coronavirus cases by patient ages (Hawaii News Now April 5, 2020)

You can see some of the statistics at the link, generally elderly require more hospitalization though younger adults 20 and up make up a significant portion of confirmed cases.

Kaiser Permanente Offers Free Coronavirus Treatment Through May (Big Island Now, April 5, 2020)

Out-of-pocket costs for health treatment related to the coronavirus are now free to all Kaiser Permanente members. It applies to to all inpatient and outpatient services from April 1 to May 30.

Local 5 represents 2,000 Kaiser Permanente workers who are continuing to provide excellent patient care amid this pandemic.

Gov. Ige, lawmakers face grim budget scenario with tough choices ahead (Star Advertiser, April 5, 2020)

Article discusses some projected losses in tax revenues by percentages and dollars and talks about various legislative bills that will be de-prioritized now, as well as new actions that need to be taken to address the economic fallout of the COVID crisis. It talks about the minimum wage increase being threatened (which may be a good thing if it was only going to be $13/hour four years from now). Scheduled raises for public workers are a huge cost item that will have to be dealt with, and there are talks about using furloughs like in the 2008 Recession.

What does it take to convert a hotel bedroom into a COVID-19 care room? (NBC, April 5, 2020)

The article summarizes the logistics and best practices of converting hotel rooms into patient care facilities. It goes over furniture and cleaning best practices as well as preferred renovations (like removing carpet) and creating a negative air pressure rooms.

Hotel to Healthcare Concept (H2HC) (US Army Corp of Engineers)

There are two very good documents from the Army about converting hotel rooms/floors into patient care facilities. You can view the written Concept of Operations here and diagrams of physical floor plan layouts here.

COVID Cases Today

World: Cases: Cases: 1.3M (+100k).  Deaths: 69k (+4k).  Recovered: 263K (+17k)

USA: Cases: 337k (+26k).  Deaths: 9.6k (+1.2k).  Recovered: 17.5k (+2.8k)

Hawaii: Cases:  371 (+20).  Deaths:  4 (0).  Hospitalized: 21 (+2). Recovered: 85 (+3)