Local 5 members take nonviolent direct action with the Poor People’s Campaign

Yesterday on Moral Monday, UNITE HERE! members brought the voices and power of the people to Washington D.C. to let our electeds know we mean exactly what we said: our vote must be protected and we need living wages NOW.

Local 5 members Lilibeth Herrell and Marites Uy were part of a group of 80+ UNITE HERE members who took nonviolent moral direct action with the Poor People’s Campaign.

Kaiser Permanente EVS workers want to be respected at work

Kaiser Permanente EVS (Housekeeping) workers delegated HR and Compliance regarding two supervisors’ unprofessional and demeaning communication style and behavior. The workers expressed that these two supervisors do not live up to Kaiser’s mission. HR still won’t address this issue, so the workers will continue to fight for respect at work! Stay tuned. #UnionAdvantage

Hyatt Regency Waikiki club lounge workers fight against short shifts

Hyatt Regency Waikiki reopened their club lounge with shifts shorter than before the pandemic. Almost all of the Regency Club workers went to the hotel to delegate their chef and tell him that 5 hour shifts aren’t enough to support our families after being out of work for over a year. The fight to get back our hours isn’t over! #UnionAdvantage

Team Clean workers at Kahala Hotel win back pay after being underpaid since last year

The Team Clean workers at the Kahala Hotel had been underpaid since returning to work last year. With the help of their shop steward Jasmine Marbou, they got the company to back pay workers the money they were owed, which was an increase of $3.19 more per hour.
Jasmine Marbou said, “It means that our union really does work for us workers. The company didn’t all of a sudden have a change of heart and say, ‘Here you go: here’s the money that we were supposed to give you, but we forgot to.'”
She shook her head, “No, it’s workers getting together and saying this is not right, and we need to let our union know what’s going on in our workplace. We as workers need to speak up for ourselves, for our coworkers in all departments, and that’s how we get things done. That’s how we get results.”

Ramada Plaza housekeepers demand: bring back inspectress!

Ramada Plaza housekeepers delegated their management to bring back one more inspectress.
Before the pandemic, inspectresses were scheduled 30 rooms to inspect.
Since reopening, inspectresses are getting less hours but double the work: management is scheduling them 60-70 rooms to inspect and also adding runner work (e.g. getting linens for housekeepers).
They are waiting for management’s response. Great job to the Ramada housekeepers for being good coworkers by sticking together and standing up for each other! #UnionAdvantage

Ala Moana Hotel workers fight for proper staffing for US Olympic Rowing Team

“We had the honor of hosting the US Olympic Rowing Team at Ala Moana Hotel Banquets. The hotel management tried to staff the event without the correct, higher-paid kitchen crew. When union workers spoke up, management staffed correctly.” – Melanie Siarot, banquet captain at Ala Moana Hotel