Hyatt Centric Waikiki workers from different department delegate the General Manager

80% of Hyatt Centric Waikiki leaders from different departments showed their unity and solidarity by calling on the GM to reopen the poolside bar and to have hot meals served for workers every day.
Housekeepers urged that it is their right to have a good meal while doing vigorous work.
Glen, a bartender, expressed his frustrations being furloughed and not being able to provide for his family. Other workers said they want Glen and other food & beverage workers to come back. #UnionAdvantage

Kyo-ya cashiers fight for their jobs back

Cashiers at the Moana Surfrider, Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, and Royal Hawaiian got their jobs back after filing grievances! Workers from all four Kyo-ya Waikiki hotels stood up for one another and participated in each other’s grievance meetings  👊 🙌  Solidarity brings our jobs back! #UnionAdvantage

Sheraton Waikiki valet workers delegate management for their jobs back

Anxious to return to work, Sheraton Waikiki valet workers met with HR and the General Manager to ask why they were not called back when occupancy has been in the high 80s to 90s for months.
They were called back the following week, and more valet is needed. Sheraton Waikiki employees: contact your department manager if you are interested. #UnionAdvantage

Hilton Hawaiian Village housekeepers win clear protocols on breaks, returning rooms

“You don’t know how to read English?”
“You’re so slow, you can’t do the job?”
These are some examples of what housekeepers at the Hilton Hawaiian Village hear from management.
There has been no clear process to return rooms, so workers are overworked and have no time to take breaks in their 8-hour shifts.
But we are standing up and fighting back! Dozens of workers delegated management about intimidation, harassment, and workload.
As a result, housekeepers WON clear protocols about how to take breaks and return rooms, as well as a process to prevent intimidation and harassment from management. We win when we STICK TOGETHER! #UnionAdvantage

Hilton Hawaiian Village seamstress gets 2 more hired

Julie Manuel, a Hilton Hawaiian Village seamstress and longtime Local 5 committee leader, pushed the management to hire more seamstresses because there were no relievers and they wouldn’t release her to take a vacation. This pushed management to hire two full-time seamstresses, Rosemarie Tabalba and Lorna Cacpal.
More workers on the shop floor means more power to fight the boss! #UnionAdvantage